The Dropbox Poets Society – Part 2

Posted by Jon Ying on July 11, 2009

We here at Dropbox have always had a fondness for great code, great food, but also for great poetry.  Continuing a tradition that began with our Linux haikus, we recently held a giveaway for several lifetime Dropbox accounts but with a catch– we’d award bonus points to the entries that were written in limerick form (If you don’t know what a limerick is, check this out).  And now, a year later (to the date!), we’re honored to once again show you the poetic prowess of our userbase:

With Dropbox your files are near.
Wherever you travel, they’re here.
From Woodstock to Lompoc
Perhaps Vladivostok,
Just log on—and flash—they appear!
- Stefan W

When you find that your files are no more,
you can pick up your jaw off the floor.
With your DropBox account,
there’s no tape drive to mount.
Simply login, download, and restore.
- Jordan P

There once was a young lad named Nick,
who needed syncing that was easy and quick.
He got Dropbox running,
the results were quite stunning
thanks to the powerful Web tools, cross-platform support, intuitive user interface, generous free account space, supportive forums, easy sharing features and more that the application offered, making it the only online syncing tool to pick.
- David N

There was once a poor dissertator
Who quaked about losing her papers
She installed KDE
Using Dropbox indeed
Now lightning and storms do not scare her
- Sarah D

Von Tag zu Tag noch besser,
im Interface immer kesser,
weltweit herrscht kein Disput,
Dropbox du bist einfach gut!
darum liebe Programmierer, weiter so – nur Mut!
- Luke R


- Xia X

When I travel to London or Rome,
I shut down my desktop at home.
When in need of a file,
I full heartedly smile
and open my dropbox in Chrome.

All the pictures I take while I am away,
are instantly shared in the same simple way:
in my dropbox they’re dropped
and then instantly upped
to my sister in Paris, who uses IE.

Meanwhile, my dad in Quebec,
is also able to track
which places I see
even though, unlike me,
he uses dropbox on a Mac.

So I guess it’s easy to see
why dropbox is essential to me:
it’s flickr and youtube and iTunes combined
but only for people with whom I’m entwined,
and all that without any fee.
- Marleen Z

Once again, a huge thanks to all our users for participating!  You can view more awesome limericks at the giveaway thread.  Have a great weekend!

9 Comments to The Dropbox Poets Society – Part 2

July 11, 2009

Congratulations to all of the winners! Amazing how many entries came into the forum. What a fun idea! I posted my limerick entries to a Facebook note (also adding another in commentary) and my sister said it reminded her of our dad. Made my night! Thanks

July 11, 2009

dropbox is awesome!!!

July 11, 2009

dropbox is awesome!!!

July 14, 2009


Dave Yates
July 16, 2009

Found Dropbox in a recent MacUser edition
So I've missed your 50 Gig competition
It's not that I'm bitter
But your updates on Twitter
Made it sound like I could still send you this in

Dropbox is really very cool (flattery)
And I've just started up (on Saturday)
I'm poor and I need this (I'm pleading)
I'm wringing my hands as I type this (they're bleeding)
So please make an exception, (if just for my audacity)

July 30, 2009


September 4, 2009









the Chinese poet is lack of the last line “我自巍然如古钟。”

Alexander DeLuca
September 20, 2009

Is this contest still open?

Dropbox rocks, so commercial

Now I can sync, like universal

TextExpander and 1Password's

Even dot-odt and dot-doc words

Easily, without feeling dysphorical


Kathryn Coleman
October 18, 2011

dropbox is soooo sweet!