Even quicker sharing from the desktop

Posted by Dwayne Litzenberger on June 13, 2013
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This post will be as quick and simple as the feature, we promise:

Once upon a time, we came up with a cool new way to share links. But after our team used it for a while (believe it or not, we use Dropbox here pretty frequently), we didn’t think it was quite there.

So we made it faster! Now when you want to share a link to any doc, photo, folder, or any of your stuff in Dropbox, just right-click it, and select “Share Dropbox Link”. A second later you’ll get a bubble telling you the link is in your clipboard. Just Control-v or Command-v to paste your link wherever you want, and you’re good to go.

Quick sharing on desktop

Happy sharing!

Discover the new Dropbox menu on your computer

Posted by Max Belanger on March 12, 2013
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Hey everyone!

Life (in Dropbox) moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it. And with all the stuff you’ve got goin’ on, we figured it’d be handy for you to keep track of all your exploits in one place: the Dropbox menu!

The new Dropbox menu

We’ve made it easier than ever to accept invitations to shared folders, see links or albums that people have shared with you, and keep tabs on what’s changed in your Dropbox.

If someone shares a link with you, you can now get to it immediately — directly from the Dropbox menu! You’ll get notifications in real time as people share with you, and can see them later just by clicking the Dropbox icon. You can also accept or decline invitations to shared folders directly from your desktop.


Quickly share from the Dropbox menu

We’ve also made it easier to see what’s recently changed in your Dropbox and added a quick way to share your stuff with a link, right from the Dropbox menu.


Shared folder invites on mobile

But why should computers have all the fun? Notifications for shared folders will also show up on the latest versions of our iOS and Android apps (and on the web at so you can keep tabs on your stuff from anywhere.

If you’re ready to explore the new features, download the latest version of Dropbox!

An early Christmas at Dropbox

Posted by Jon Ying on October 02, 2009
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Oh man, there’s so much stuff to talk about!  The iPhone app was a huge announcement a few days ago but lots of other exciting stuff has happened since our last update:

Snow Leopard

Dropbox works just fine with Snow Leopard!  There have been some huge performance improvements and those ugly folder icons are now gone too!  If you’ve upgraded, you shouldn’t notice many changes to the service.  In fact, you probably won’t notice anything at all because Dropbox will auto-update itself within the next week and work properly on Snow Leopard without any problems.  There’s no need to re-download it :).

Commoncraft Video

Watch a video about Dropbox!

Our friends Lee and Sachi over at Common Craft made a video that explains Dropbox in plain English.  It’s a pretty awesome video (and might help you explain Dropbox to your friends and family).  It’s also featured on the referral landing page so new users won’t be so confused when you refer them to Dropbox.  Let us know how you like it!

2 million users!

Some of you may have already read the TechCrunch article, but it’s true!  Dropbox has reached 2 million users.  We’re really excited to welcome all of our new users who are just beginning to try out Dropbox, and even more flattered by those of you who have stuck around since the beginning.  It’s breathtaking to look back and think that we were at about 30,000 users at this point last year (and the team was only 8 people rather than the 17 strong today).  As we continue to grow, we promise to continue providing the same syncing goodness you’ve come to expect from us, as well as many more awesome features and poetry contests ;).