Happy Thanksgiving!

Posted by Jon Ying on November 22, 2012
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This Thanksgiving, there’s a lot I’m personally thankful for — good friends, healthy family, and obviously the colossal turkey in the oven as we speak. But what about Dropbox? With all the frenzy both inside and outside our walls, there’s no shortage of things we’re thankful for.

First off, we’re thankful for our first year at our shiny new SF office, and for all the new Dropboxers who’ve joined to help us build the dream (come join us!)

We’re also grateful for our happy developers finding clever new ways to make Dropbox sing. You guys have brought Dropbox to new audiences including our new friends in Spain (hola!) and Italy (ciao!), who we’re also super thankful for. Welcome to the family!

Most importantly, we’re thankful for (and inspired by) people who are thankful for us.

All of us at Dropbox hope your holiday season’s fantastic and full of great times with friends and family. As always, feast hard! …just try not to exceed your quota :).


Digg day 2 year anniversary! Win 500MB and a t-shirt!

Posted by Jon Ying on March 17, 2010
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Hey guys,

This week in March has a very special meaning for us here at the Dropbox Team. It’s the two-year anniversary of Digg Day, where we first announced Dropbox to the public and caught the eye of tens of thousands of people.

Things were a bit different back then — our team was only four instead of the 25 we are today. Dropbox headquarters weren’t located at an office either. We all worked out of a tiny, stinky two room apartment.

One time, I woke up at 6AM to the sound of Arash’s iPhone going berserk with notifications that our servers were down. I vividly remember Drew and Arash scrambling to their computers in their boxers, frantically debugging the outage while half-asleep. At one point, Arash facepalmed and exclaimed “How the **** are we going to scale this for ten thousand more users??”

Fast foward 2 years and several million users. Dropbox is performing extremely well, and our growth shows no sign of slowing down. We’re super flattered to have so many passionate users who stand behind us and are patient for the features we release. While we meet new users every day who help spread Dropbox, we like to think that Digg Day played a huge part in setting a pace for Dropbox that continues today.

We’d like to ask you to help us celebrate. We want to put together a video that commemorates YOU, our Dropbox users. Here’s how you can help us out:

Send in a short video (less than 20 seconds) of yourself saying one sentence about Dropbox. To thank you, we’ll give you a 500MB upgrade to your Dropbox. We encourage you to use your native language, and feel free to be creative! The team’s favorites will receive a free (Limited Edition) Psychobox t-shirt. We’ll be taking in submissions for all of March.

Visit our video submission page to get started. Thanks again!

Yet another use for Dropbox?

Posted by Jon Ying on July 17, 2009
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We occasionally ask our users to tell us about their Dropbox experiences. While we are continually flattered by people who praise us for rescuing their homework and work presentations, we’re especially touched to be a part of the significant moments of peoples’ lives, whether it be graduations, weddings or births. The Dropbox team is no exception. Though we’ve certainly had our share of rescues-via-Dropbox, we’re still caught by surprise when these moments hit close to home.

Our CTO Arash Ferdowsi was born and raised in America, but his family has roots in Iran. Arash and his family occasionally make trips back to visit, but his aunt and cousins, the Nahids, made the most recent visit to Tehran near the beginning of June. On June 12, the disputed Iranian presidential election results set off a string of protests around the country. At the height of these demonstrations, e-mail, text messaging and web services such as Facebook and Twitter were unavailable. With no other means to communicate with family back in the States, Ms. Nahid then thought to use Dropbox as a solution, which luckily was still accessible. Using a .txt file in a shared folder with family, The Nahids were able to devise a faux messaging system to leave updates about the ongoing situation in Iran and allow others to know they were safe.

We’re relieved to know that the Nahids are alright and also glad that Dropbox was able to pull through as a communication solution for their entire family. As the situation continues, our thoughts and prayers go to the safety of all the people in Iran.

It’s alive!

Posted by Jon Ying on June 20, 2009
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Would you all forgive us if we said we were sorry for not posting for a while? :(  We’re still alive, I swear!

A lot has happened since we last spoke.  Continuing from where our last post left off, Dropbox won its first Rock Band duel after an extremely close (a <1% point difference!) battle with Mozy.  Hats off to the Mozy team for trekking out to San Francisco for our epic showdown :).   Also, special thanks to our friends at Justin.tv for hosting and broadcasting the event.

We’ve had four additions to our steadily growing team; Jon Grall (product lead), Andrea Smith (customer support), Will Stockwell (mobile device and iPhone guru), and a new intern, Kevin Modzelewski.  Welcome!  Dropbox also hit the milestone of syncing files for one million users (and approaching one and a half this week), and we’ll be giving out a prize to celebrate the occasion– more on that below.

Development continues to pick up steam here at the Dropbox HQ, and our teams are busy working on features such as LAN P2P syncing, the iPhone app, and continual optimizations to the Dropbox client.  In terms of finished work, the last few months have resulted in huge improvements of Dropbox’s memory footprint (a reduction of 10+ MB in small Dropboxes and much more for larger Drobpoxes), the announcement of our 100GB plan and the release of the Linux CLI.

As for the stuff I’m most involved in, the web team is preparing to roll out a bunch of changes to make your navigation of the web interface much friendlier (and hopefully prettier).  This redesign is Dropbox’s most ambitious to date, and I’d just like to put a few of my mockups out here to test the waters a bit.

Dropbox Home
(click to view the full size)

As you can see here, we’ll be changing the top nav a bit and reducing/merging some of the items that are currently on your Dropbox homepage.  The idea is to allow users to arrive at a portal where they have immediate access to the actions they want to do without having to swim through a pile of fluff to get there.

The way you view your Dropbox on the web will be very similar to what you’ve grown accustomed to, but with a few changes:

Dropbox Files
(click to view the full size)

As you can see, we’ve introduced a folder tree to the left side of the file browser.  This will let you hop to the folders of your choice without having to press Back or ‘Up one level’ multiple times.  And, yes!  It will indeed be possible to perform actions on more than one file at once.  Heck, you can even drag 8 different files and folders at a time to the folder of your choice :)

Anyways, I should remind everyone that this is still definitely a work in progress so I’d be more than happy to hear any advice/critiques for my work.  Don’t be afraid to tell me what you’d like included in your Dropbox web experience.

To celebrate our 1 millionth user (and apologize for our long absence on the blog), we’d like to award 5 lifetime 50GB accounts to our users.  If you’re a paying user already, then this will just get added to your existing quota.  Just head to the giveaway thread in the Dropbox forums to enter.  Good luck, and thanks to everyone for bearing with us these past two years :).  We promise we’ll post more often!

PS– You can view the Mozy vs. Dropbox Rock Band battle here.

Battle of the Bands

Posted by Jon Ying on March 16, 2009
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After last month’s post about Drew, we got an interesting comment:

Hey guys… we love your work and follow the blog (over here at Mozy). We spotted your Rock Band affinity and all we could think of was this:


Mozy hereby challenges you to a Rock Band Playoff, battle of the bands, best man is the last man standing. Email me if you accept:

tom [at] mozy.com

And yes, we’re totally serious.

One thing led to another, and this Thursday (3/19) Mozy will be sending out their “dream team” (lol) to compete against us in a Rock Band Battle Royale.  If you’d like to witness this spectacle and cheer on the Dropboxers, we’ll be streaming it live Thursday night at 7 PM PST from Justin.tv headquarters (more details to come).  Wish us luck!

In other news, we’re looking for those of you with artistic talent to redesign our Leopard-style tray icon for the Mac clients of Dropbox– but no need to worry, anyone can participate!  The winner gets an extra 50GB of space.  To learn more, head here.


Posted by Jon Ying on January 05, 2009
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Ahh New Year’s. A great time to make promises that you’ll probably never fulfill. But hey, it’s the thought that counts anyway.

Here are the team’s resolutions for 2009–some Dropbox-related, some not, but we’ll put a little extra effort in following through with the ones that are …we promise!

My resolution is to start up my 90s rock cover band again and/or play more music.

I resolve to get my life together.

I resolve to play less fake drums (on Rock Band) and play more real drums (in a real band?).

My resolution is not to do anything I wouldn’t do. Namely, everything.

My resolution is not to die while I learn how to ride a motorcycle.

I resolve to make a musical career out of singing hate songs about Jon.

I resolve to make the clients faster.

Come up with ways to reward Dropbox users for spreading the word, and to assemble the still-boxed furniture still sitting in my living room.

Make the Dropbox website more standards compliant and accessible to help meet the needs of users with disabilities, and to lead Dropbox to its first ever startup kickball tournament victory.

Get our new user walkthroughs setup and perfected and do whatever I can to further Dropbox’s global domination.

So, what are all your resolutions?

Happy 2009!

Crunchies Part 2

Posted by Jon Ying on December 30, 2008
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The results are in, and we’re a finalist for best new web startup of 2008!  It’d mean the world to us if you could vote for us (We promise this will be the last time). Oh! I almost forgot– You can vote once a day until January 5th. Thanks!

We’ve got a case of the Crunchies…

Posted by Jon Ying on December 02, 2008
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Hey everyone!  For those of you not familiar with the Crunchies, here’s a heads up:

The 2008 Crunchies is our second annual competition and award ceremony to recognize and celebrate the most compelling startups, internet and technology innovations of the year.

Readers are invited to nominate their favorite product or company in each of the fifteen award categories below. Readers can vote once a day until nominations end Wednesday, December 10, 2008 Midnight PST.

Five finalists will be selected for each award category and popular voting will run from December 15 – January 5, 2009 Midnight PST. The winners will be announced live at the award ceremony on January 9 in San Francisco.

Both start-ups and established technology companies are invited to submit themselves for consideration. Finalists will be selected by the Crunchies Committee based on their specific business accomplishments achieved during calendar year 2008.

We’re going for two awards – best user-interface design and best new start up of 2008.   We’d be more than honored if you could help us out! (you can vote once per day till the 10th)

best user-interface design:

best new startup of 2008:

Thanks a lot!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Posted by Jon Ying on November 27, 2008
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The Dropbox Team is thankful for the following things:

1.  Happy users!

2.  Rock Band

3.  2 hour long meetings that take place on a ping pong table

4.  Being able to work in a colorful city alongside other great startups and people

5.  Katana-ya, the Japanese restaurant open ’til 2AM located 3 blocks from our office

6.  Lastly, we’re thankful for people who are thankful for us.

So, what are all of you thankful for?

All of us here at Dropbox hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving full of revelry and great family bonding.  And of course, have fun stuffing yourselves full of amazing food.  Just try not to exceed your quota!  ;D



Posted by Drew and Arash on November 02, 2008
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We’re always amazed by the creative ways people find to use Dropbox, so as coders, this one struck as particularly awesome. Instructions shamelessly stolen from a Dropbox user :).

Being a tiny startup looking for ways to save money, we discovered the best, cheapest bug tracking software out there. It’s dropbox (or dropbugz). Simply make a folder called “bugs” in your dropbox and put a “done” directory in it.-Each bug is a .txt file whose name is the description of the bug.

-Dropbox keeps track of who creates / edits files so if someone botches a description you can always figure out who wrote it up and when. (Unix does a decent job of this too.)

-You can assign bugs by putting “#fixer_name” at the top of the file and grepping for “#fixer_name” on the command line.

-When bugs are done you move them to the “done” folder. If you duplicate a title it overwrites, but dropbox has your back w/ revision edits.

-You can preform any sort of command line voodoo to slice and dice your bugs.

-You know when bugs are posted or fixed through the dropbox notifications.

-You never have to leave the command line and go to a web app to enter bugs. The result for us is that we enter more bugs.

-You can casually browse your bugs using the preview feature on mac:


We didn’t have the money for FogBugz and we were using BugZilla which is so miserable that we resorted to not using it. There are certainly features dropbugz lacks, but for basic bug tracking for a small team, it is awesome. And any feature you want to add is just a script and a chron job away. I’ve used a bunch of web-based bug trackers in the corporate and startup world and this is the only one I’ve ever liked.