Que legal! Agora o Dropbox está disponível em português do Brasil

Dropbox / 4 Comments Posted by Reginald Harris on March 12, 2013

Querido Brasil,

Os últimos dias em São Paulo têm sido encantadores. Mas veja bem, não estamos aqui só para experimentar caipirinha ou ficar ensopados nas suas Águas de Março (literalmente)… Estamos aqui porque temos algo para compartilhar com vocês: hoje lançamos o Dropbox em português do Brasil!

Mas você já nos conhece. Milhões de brasileiros usam o Dropbox para trabalho e entretenimento todos os dias. O que percebemos é que lançar o serviço em português nos dá a chance de conhecê-los melhor.

O que aprendemos até agora:

Dropbox está em português do Brasil

O Dropbox em português está disponível para MacPCAndroidna Web e logo, logo para iOS. Conte-nos o que você achou!


Shiny new Dropbox for Teams admin console!

Dropbox / 16 Comments Posted by Anand Subramani on February 11, 2013

Love using Dropbox at work? Awesome, we’ve got a blog for that! Every week, we post about new features, tips and tricks, and customer stories.

And today we’ve got big news for Dropbox for Teams — a sweet new admin console!  Say hello to a new activity stream, member info, and sharing settings.

Head over to the Dropbox at work blog and check it out!

Coming soon to your Dropbox: Document previews and easier sharing

Dropbox / 43 Comments Posted by Ramesh Balakrishnan and Yi Wei on January 30, 2013

You know what’s lame? Waiting. Traffic makes us wonder why we didn’t just walk, and waiting in lines is only slightly more fun than watching grass grow. Slightly.

We know you agree. You’ve got places to go and people to see. But most importantly, you’ve got gumption — you’re the kind of person that takes initiative and uses Dropbox to organize, share, and bring all your stuff anywhere. Nice.

That’s why we want to let you cut in line and try out two unreleased goods on Dropbox that’ll help you do even more with all that stuff.

Previews on the web
Have you ever been away from your computer and needed to check out a specific doc in your Dropbox? Instead of having to wait and download the whole thing, you’ll soon be able to grab a preview straight from your browser. This’ll work for your docs, code snippets, and presentations.

Sign up for early access to file previews.

Easier sharing for photos and videos
Until now, you could only share one photo at a time, or you had to create a shared folder and copy pictures into it. Soon you’ll be able to quickly choose collections of pictures to share with friends and family. This makes it easy to create albums for your favorite events, or categorize your collection of kitten photos.

Sign up for early access to albums. 

See? Good things aren’t only for people who wait. Now that you’ve signed up for both of these features, you can gloat to your friends that you’re ahead of the curve — a trendsetter, even. Sure, you might only have a few weeks of that satisfaction, but it sure beats waiting…

Dropbox for Android: Share photos in a snap!

Android, Dropbox, Mobile / 85 Comments Posted by Tony Grue on January 11, 2013

We’ve just launched a nifty little update for Dropbox on your Android devices that makes it super easy to share collections of photos with friends and family.

Organize and share photos and videos with albums.

Choose your favorite photos and videos from family gatherings, show off the amazing soufflé you created with friends, or highlight your mad snowboarding skills with gorgeous albums that everyone can enjoy from their computers, tablets or phones – no Dropbox account required!

Just tap the share button to select the photos you want to share


From the Photos tab, tap the button on the top right, and select the pictures you want to share. You can add them to a named album to save for later, or just grab the link to share via email, Facebook, or Twitter.

Get the update now on the Google Play Store, and have a blast sharing your photos and videos with friends and family!

Hello, Windows 8. Dropbox is here!

Dropbox, Windows / 187 Comments Posted by Ambrus Csaszar and Max Belanger on January 07, 2013

Hey everybody, guess what? We just released Dropbox for your Windows 8 device! Now you can enjoy photos, videos, and other stuff in your Dropbox in the whizzy new Windows experience. Check it out:

With the Dropbox app for Windows 8, you can easily flip through all your stuff, preview your pictures, and watch your videos with a tap.

You can also share stuff from Dropbox (like your puppy pics) with other Windows 8 apps! Share on Facebook or Twitter contacts through the People app or send a link with the Mail app.

Whether you’ve got a Surface or any other tablet or PC running Windows 8, today’s release is another way we’ve got your back.

Can’t wait to get started? Download the app here.


Thanks a (hundred) million, part 2

Dropbox / 1,332 Comments Posted by Jon Ying on December 21, 2012

Hey everyone,

A month ago, we asked for your stories of how you’ve been using Dropbox. And you guys never disappoint — we received thousands of stories from all over the world, and discovered all sorts of awesome uses we never could’ve imagined.

We want to share a few of our favorites:

  • Hurricane Sandy hit us hard. Without power and computer access, I used Dropbox mobile to store and share damage photos with insurance reps.

All of us at Dropbox HQ were flattered by your responses, and we’ve kept your stories up on our screens at work to inspire us throughout the day. We’re honored that you trust us with your memories, and we’re more pumped than ever to help you create new stories. Thank you so much for sticking with us the past few years :-).

(Super) New Dropbox for iOS!

Dropbox, iPhone, Mobile / 798 Comments Posted by Morgan Knutson, Rich Chan, and Stephen Poletto on December 14, 2012

Looking for something to warm you up this holiday season? Go make some hot chocolate!

In other news, we’ve updated the Dropbox experience for your iOS devices, so you can have even more holiday cheer with your new phones and tablets.

New photos experience
Now all of your photos are right at your fingertips with the brand new Photos tab. With just a tap, you’ll be able to scroll through a timeline of all the photos you’ve automatically uploaded (including the pocket-dialed ones too). And since Dropbox is a one stop shop for all your memories, you can also check out the photos you’ve uploaded from everywhere else! 


Also, when you select a photo, you’ll be able to view it in full-screen glory with nary a button in sight. This means you can get maximum real estate when you’re flipping through puppy photos, or those pics of your bare feet. And to make things even better, our new speedy scroller will help you navigate all the way back to time immemorial (or your earliest photos) in seconds. Even if you have “Billions and Billions” of them.

Upload directly to folder
We’ve streamlined the way you upload to your Dropbox, too! Just navigate to the folder of your choice, then tap the “+” icon to upload something or create a new folder. You’ll love how easy it is.

Shiny new design
We’ve packed a ton of love and tiny details into our new iOS design, and we think you’ll dig its simplicity. For example, we got rid of the text labels on our tabs in favor of clean and streamlined iconography. Splashed across the app is the glorious Dropbox blue you’ve come to know and love, and we’ve reduced complexity to make everything feel so fresh and so clean, clean.

We think subtlety’s awesome, and careful eyes will find more nuances like our “barely-there” gradients and our delicate lines. You might also notice a brand new app icon refreshed and ready for action. Between us, your home screen looks kinda empty without this gem, and we think you should go grab it now.


Ready to cure your app-athy? Go get the latest version of Dropbox for iOS!

One giant leap for student-kind

Dropbox, Just for fun / 48 Comments Posted by Franklin Ta on December 11, 2012

Hey Space Racers!

Over the last eight weeks, millions of students from over 6,000 schools (and 100 countries!) strapped on their space boots and hustled in the greatest race for space the world has ever seen (since the actual space race).

We’ve heard of all sorts of exciting cosmonaut campaigns to get more space, like the billboarding efforts of these TU Delft students from a galaxy far, far away (the Netherlands).

And no matter your place on the leaderboard (congrats National University of Singapore!), every Space Racer made off with an astronomical haul of spacey goodness. 

Over the course of two months, we’ve dished out a bajillion gigabytes (or something) of free space. That’s enough for gobs of group projects, presentations, and final essays — hooray!

So venture forth, earthlings! Fire up your spaceship and go do something cosmic — there’s a whole universe of space to explore.

Dropbox is going brogue!

Dropbox / 53 Comments Posted by Mitra Lohrasbpour on December 02, 2012

Dropbox worldLittle known fact: Dropbox has served its users in 200 countries (including 10 users in Antarctica!) from just a single office in the States. While it’s made for pretty awesome bragging rights, we’ve decided to listen to common sense and jump the pond. We’re excited to announce that Dublin, Ireland will soon be the home to the very first Dropbox overseas office!

What’ll the move mean for you? Our User Operations team will be offering support in even more languages (now in Italian and Castilian Spanish too), and our sales folks will be available to chat about Dropbox for Teams at nearly all hours of the day.

But we can’t provide this stuff until we’ve got the teams to do it, so check out the opportunities to join us (https://www.dropbox.com/jobs). It’ll be brilliant!


Fíric neamhchoitianta: Tá Dropbox ag freastal ar a chuid úsáideoirí i 200 tír (lena n-áirítear 10 úsáideoir in Antartaice!) ó oifig aonair sna Stáit Aontaithe. Cé gur féidir linn a bheith an-bhródúil as an méid atá bainte amach againn go dtí seo, chinneamar ar éisteacht leis an gciall agus bogadh thar lear. Tá an-áthas orainn a fhógairt go mbeidh an chéad oifig thar lear riamh ag Dropbox suite i mBaile Átha Cliath in Éirinn!

Cad a chiallóidh an bogadh sin duitse? Beidh tacaíocht ar fáil ónár bhfoireann Oibríochtaí Úsáideoirí i níos mó teangacha (in Iodáilis agus i Spáinnis na hEorpa anois), agus beidh ár lucht díolacháin ar fáil le caint faoi Dropbox for Teams beagnach am ar bith sa lá.

Ach ní féidir linn é seo a sholáthar go dtí go mbeidh foirne againn chun a leithéid a dhéanamh, mar sin féach ar na deiseanna chun oibriú linn (https://www.dropbox.com/jobs). Beidh sé togha!


Un dato poco conocido: Dropbox ha proporcionado sus servicios a usuarios de 200 países diferentes (¡incluidos 10 usuarios en la Antártida!) desde una única oficina en Estados Unidos. Aunque la verdad es que no está nada mal poder presumir de ello, hemos decidido que prevalezca el sentido común y vamos a dar el salto al otro lado del charco. ¡Nos encanta anunciar que Dublín, en Irlanda, acogerá próximamente la primera sede europea de Dropbox!

¿Qué significa eso para nuestros usuarios? Nuestro equipo de operaciones ofrecerá asistencia en más idiomas (ahora también en italiano y en español europeo) y nuestro personal de ventas podrá explicar todo lo que hay que saber sobre Dropbox para equipos a casi cualquier hora del día.

Pero no podremos ofrecer todo esto hasta que reclutemos a la gente que necesitamos, así que echa un vistazo a las ofertas para unirte a nosotros (https://www.dropbox.com/jobs). ¡Va a ser genial!


Hecho poco conocido: Dropbox ha prestado servicio a sus usuarios en 200 países (¡Incluidos 10 de ellos en la Antártida!) desde una única oficina en los Estados Unidos. A pesar de que esto nos da el fabuloso derecho a presumir, optamos mejor por escuchar a nuestro sentido común y saltar el charco. ¡Es un placer anunciar que la primera oficina de Dropbox en el extranjero estará ubicada en Dublín, Irlanda!

¿Qué significa esto para ti, usuario de Dropbox? Que nuestro equipo de operaciones para los usuarios ofrecerá soporte en más idiomas (ahora también en italiano y en español ibérico) y nuestro equipo de ventas estará disponible para aclarar tus dudas acerca del funcionamiento de Dropbox para equipos prácticamente a cualquier hora del día.

Pero esto no serás posible hasta que tengamos el equipo completo, así que consulta nuestras oportunidades de trabajo y únete a nosotros (https://www.dropbox.com/jobs). ¡Se va a poner bueno!


Dropbox についての情報: Dropbox は米国内の 1 オフィスから、200 か国のユーザー(南極大陸にいる 10 人のユーザーも含まれています!)にサービスを提供しています。米国から飛躍し、この度アイルランドのダブリンに Dropbox 初の海外本社を設けることになりました! この変化により、ユーザー運営部門はより多くの言語サポート(イタリア語、スペイン語(欧州)も利用可能)を提供できるようになり、セールス担当はチーム向け Dropbox の対応を 24 時間のどの時間帯でも行えるようになります。 このようなサポートを実施するには、スタッフの力が必要です。ご興味をお持ちの方は、Dropbox の人材募集(https://www.dropbox.com/jobs)をご覧ください!


Wusstest du schon, dass Dropbox ihre Nutzer in 200 Ländern (einschliesslich der 10 Nutzer in der Antarktis!) bisher von einem einzigen Büro in den USA betreut hat? Obwohl uns dies einen guten Grund zu prahlen gibt, haben wir beschlossen auf unseren gesunden Menschenverstand zu hören und den Sprung über den grossen Teich zu wagen. Wir freuen uns, mitteilen zu können, dass wir schon bald unser erstes Auslandbüro im irischen Dublin beziehen werden!

Was bedeutet diese Erweiterung? Das User Operations Team wird seinen Service in noch mehr Sprachen anbieten (nun auch auf Italienisch und iberisches Spanisch), und du kannst zu fast jeder Tageszeit mit unserem Verkaufsteam über Dropbox für Teams plaudern.

Doch all dies ist natürlich nur mit einem fantastischen Team möglich. Schau dir also gleich unsere Stellenangebote an (https://www.dropbox.com/jobs). Das wird spitze!


Dropbox는 여태까지 미국의 한 사무실에서 전 세계 200개국의 사용자들에게 서비스를 제공하고 있었습니다. 사실 남극에도 사용자가 10명이나 있습니다. 드디어 더욱 효율적인 기업 경영을 위해 더블린, 아일랜드에 조만간 첫 Dropbox 해외지사를 설립할 예정임을 여러분에게 알려 드리고자 합니다.

해외지사 설립이 Dropbox 사용자들에게는 어떤 의미가 있을까요? Dropbox 사용자 관리팀은 이제 더 많은 언어를 통해 지원 서비스를 제공하게 될 것입니다(이탈리아어와 스페인어(유럽)도 지원 중). 또한 Dropbox for Teams에 대해 언제든지 문의할 수 있도록 전담 영업팀도 구성됩니다.

현재 Dropbox는 이에 동참할 인재를 모집합니다. 관심 있는 분은 https://www.dropbox.com/jobs를 참조하시기 바랍니다. Dropbox에서 여러분의 꿈을 펼쳐보세요.


Beaucoup d’entre vous ne le savent pas : Dropbox offre ses services à ses utilisateurs dans 200 pays (y compris à 10 utilisateurs en Antarctique !) depuis un seul et unique bureau aux États-Unis. Même si nous sommes plutôt fiers de cet exploit, nous avons décidé de faire preuve de bon sens et de passer à une nouvelle étape. Nous sommes heureux d’annoncer que Dublin, en Irlande, accueillera bientôt le tout premier bureau Dropbox à l’étranger !

Qu’est-ce que cela signifie pour vous ? Notre équipe chargée de l’assistance utilisateur sera capable de vous aider dans encore plus de langues (l’italien et l’espagnol européen sont désormais pris en charge), et notre équipe commerciale pourra discuter avec vous de Dropbox en Équipe pratiquement 24 heures sur 24.

Toutefois, tout cela ne deviendra réalité que lorsque nous aurons trouvé les personnes dont nous avons besoin. Jetez un coup d’oeil à nos offres d’emploi (https://www.dropbox.com/jobs) et rejoignez-nous, ça va être grandiose !


Un piccolo aneddoto: Dropbox ha servito i propri utenti in 200 Paesi (compresi 10 utenti in Antartide!) da un solo ufficio negli Stati Uniti. Anche se è un gran risultato, abbiamo deciso di dar retta al buon senso e sbarcare dall’altra parte dell’Atlantico. Abbiamo quindi il piacere di annunciare che Dublino ospiterà presto la prima vera filiale di Dropbox oltreoceano!

Che cosa cambia per gli utenti? Il nostro team User Operations offrirà supporto in più lingue (ora anche in italiano e spagnolo europeo) e i ragazzi dell’ufficio vendite saranno a disposizione per chattare di “Dropbox per Team” praticamente a qualsiasi ora del giorno.

Tutto questo pero non sará possibile fino a quando non creiamo un gran team in Irlanda, quindi date un’occhiata alle nostre offerte di lavoro (https://www.dropbox.com/jobs), Sarà fantastico!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Dropbox, Just for fun, Misc / 69 Comments Posted by Jon Ying on November 22, 2012

This Thanksgiving, there’s a lot I’m personally thankful for — good friends, healthy family, and obviously the colossal turkey in the oven as we speak. But what about Dropbox? With all the frenzy both inside and outside our walls, there’s no shortage of things we’re thankful for.

First off, we’re thankful for our first year at our shiny new SF office, and for all the new Dropboxers who’ve joined to help us build the dream (come join us!)

We’re also grateful for our happy developers finding clever new ways to make Dropbox sing. You guys have brought Dropbox to new audiences including our new friends in Spain (hola!) and Italy (ciao!), who we’re also super thankful for. Welcome to the family!

Most importantly, we’re thankful for (and inspired by) people who are thankful for us.

All of us at Dropbox hope your holiday season’s fantastic and full of great times with friends and family. As always, feast hard! …just try not to exceed your quota :).