Meet the Dropbox Chooser: a new way to add stuff from Dropbox

Dropbox, Web / 596 Comments Posted by Dima Ryazanov on November 14, 2012

As you make your way around the web, you’re bound to come across ‘attach’, ‘upload’ and ‘add file’ buttons pretty often.  Right now, most of these only let you choose stuff from your computer, and you need to upload again if you make any changes. Lame.

Enter the Dropbox Chooser: a new way for developers to let you access the photos, docs and videos in your Dropbox from any web application, and keep them updated. We recently announced that you could share from Dropbox inside Facebook Groups, and with the Dropbox Chooser, we’re making a similar feature available for other app developers.

And that’s not all — starting today, you can see the Dropbox Chooser in action on Asana! We’re huge Asana fans here at Dropbox, and believe in their goal to help you get more done, so working with them to include the Dropbox Chooser in their app seemed only natural.

Now, when you update an Asana task, you can attach a file from Dropbox to keep everyone up to date, while keeping all your stuff in one place!


So go out and enjoy yourself on the interwebs! And keep an eye out for places where you can ‘add,’ ‘attach’ or ‘upload’ from Dropbox — the Chooser’s there to keep your stuff up to date and right where you need it.

P.S. Developers, check out more info on the Chooser.

Thanks a (hundred) million

Dropbox / 1,079 Comments Posted by Drew Houston on November 12, 2012

Five years pass more quickly than you’d think!

Once upon a time, Dropbox had its humble beginnings in a Boston train station when I forgot my USB stick at home. We’re still unsure if it was fate or fluke, but one thing’s stayed the same all these years: each of us has a unique reason for using Dropbox.

100 million reasons later, we’re still building and improving Dropbox not only for ourselves, but also for all of you and your awesome stories that continue to inspire us.

Among these is Coach Stringfellow in Utah. High school football’s a big deal — while there are the lights, crowds, and cheerleaders, less visible are the sweat and tears needed to build a great team. Coach Stringfellow and his players use Dropbox to study game films and scouting reports on their own terms. And because Dropbox keeps everyone connected, the Bountiful Braves have the edge they need to play stronger and smarter.

But Coach isn’t alone. There’s an uncle in Quebec who uses Dropbox to stitch together his family’s history, and a 4th grade class in Oregon that makes music in Dropbox with other students around the world. And seeing that Dropbox will come in flavors of Italian and European Spanish, we’re more excited than ever to discover uses for Dropbox we’ve never imagined.

We’d like to hear what your Dropbox story is. We think it’s worth sharing with a growing community, now over 100 million strong. If it’s one of our hundred favorites, we’ll give you 10 GB for life. And if it’s one of our top ten favorites, we’ll give you 100 GB for life.

We love what we do and we hope you do too. Thanks for being part of the adventure — it’s just getting started.

Tell us your story

For the 100M User Official Rules click here.

Finalmente Dropbox è arrivato in italiano!

Dropbox, Meet the Team / 44 Comments Posted by Stefano Cayre e Pierpaolo Baccichet on November 12, 2012

Ciao a tutti,

Siamo Pierpaolo e Stefano, due bischeri italiani in trasferta a San Francisco.

Pierpaolo viene da Monza (fa provincia oggigiorno?), ha girovagato un po’ per il mondo ed è finito per restare a vivere a San Francisco. Lavora a Dropbox da un annetto come ingegnere. Io (Stefano) ho studiato al Politecnico di Torino e lavoro da un paio d’anni a Dropbox in User Ops.

Vivere all’estero ci ha aperto la mente, dato nuove prospettive ed aperto nuovi orizzonti, ma allo stesso tempo ci ha anche reso piú attaccati alle nostre origini, all’italianitá, agli “Amici miei”, alle “bischerate” fatte in compagnia e al desiderio di condividere le nostre malefatte.

Quest’estate ho potuto mandare tutte le foto delle vacanze alla mia amica Lucia. Tutte le immagini erano state magicamente caricate in Dropbox dal mio telefono Android.  Ho scelto le migliori e con un paio di click le ho inviate a Lucia: 

Dropbox ci aiuta a condividere i momenti importanti della nostra vita con le persone piú care. Ed è ancora piu semplice ora che è disponibile in Italiano!



Dropbox ahora está en Castellano

Dropbox / 43 Comments Posted by Ana Diaz Hernandez on November 12, 2012

Hola que tal? Yo me llamo Ana y soy una empleada de Dropbox. Soy Mexicana de origen, y he vivido en España, Bolivia y Panamá. Viví por un tiempo en Barcelona, donde estudié en la Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona y aprendi sobre el arte y arquitectura de Cataluña. Ahora soy gestora de cuentas en Dropbox Para Equipos y  ayudo a nuestros usuarios de habla Hispana a usar mejor Dropbox en sus empresas.

Estoy muy emocionada porque ahora puedo compartir información más fácilmente con mis familiares que viven en España y Latinoamérica. Como hemos traducido Dropbox a Castellano, ahora ellos pueden fácilmente mandarme fotos y videos compartiendo los sucesos de su día a día.

Dropbox me ayuda a mantenerme en contacto con mis familiares. Rodrigo Robles es un primo mío que vive en Madrid. El es bailador profesional de flamenco y maestro en su estudio de baile llamado Espacio Encrucijada. Rodrigo usa Dropbox para mandar videos, fotos y documentos de sus bailes y su estudio a sus clientes y familiares a travez de Dropbox.  Dropbox le permite guardar y mandar su informacion facilmente incluso cuando esta de gira.

A Rodrigo le gusta usar Dropbox porque le permite guardar todos los cambios a sus datos en cualquier dispositivo, compartir información fácilmente con otros usuarios, y facilitar información en su móvil.

Para ver como usar Dropbox, puedes probar la aplicación de Dropbox aquí. ¡Dropbox le da 2 GB de espacio gratuitamente a todos los usuarios!

Announcing our new blog: Dropbox at Work!

Dropbox / 617 Comments Posted by Sheila Vashee on November 01, 2012

Every day, more people use Dropbox to collaborate with their teams, access their business documents or presentations from anywhere, and keep their stuff safe. We’re excited to announce that we’ve recently launched a brand new blog, dedicated to using Dropbox at work.

Check out our new Dropbox at Work blog.

We’ll be sharing posts like: tips and tricks for getting the most out of your Dropbox, examples of cool ways that organizations are using it, and updates on new features for Dropbox for Teams.

In this week’s blog post, we’ve highlighted the different ways you can share on Dropbox and give a few examples to help you decide which method to choose!

Enjoy, and happy Dropboxing at work!

New Space Race Leaderboards!

Dropbox, Just for fun / 25 Comments Posted by Brian Chu on October 22, 2012

Hey Space Racers!

It’s been a week since the Great Space Race began, and we’ve been amazed at the response we’ve gotten from all over the world! We’ve heard all kinds of stories: from professors posting the rankings in their classrooms to students starting Facebook events to rally their school.

Today, we’re excited to tell you that the competition just got even hotter. We’ve added new leaderboards so you can see how your school stacks up against your fiercest competition. Whether it’s the Pac-12, the Southeastern Conference or the Big Ten, now you can always have an eye on your biggest rival. Check it out:

We’ve also created new country-specific leaderboards, so you can view top schools by geography. Click on the flag next to any school to see the national ranking:

You’ll still earn points the same way, but we hope these new groupings will help ignite your school spirit. If you see a school that’s missing from an existing leaderboard or have suggestions for a new one, let us know at For other questions, check out our help center.

So, go invite your classmates and professors to dominate your leaderboard and get more free space for your school!

The Great Dropbox Space Race!

Dropbox, Just for fun / 490 Comments Posted by Franklin Ta on October 15, 2012

Hey everyone!

Ahh, October. Changing colors, rustling leaves, and problematic problem sets can mean only one thing — yup, It’s definitely school o’clock again. As this school year gets into full swing, we’re on a mission to make your life easier by inviting you to the greatest race for space the world has ever seen (you know, aside from the whole moon thing):


The Great Dropbox Space Race!


So you’re probably shaking in your little space boots and wondering, ‘Okay, great. What’s that?’ Well, Space Race is a chance for you to support your school and compete against other schools for eternal glory (by eternal glory we mean up to 25 GB of free Dropbox space for two years).

How it works

Earn points by referring your classmates, friends, and professors to Dropbox (they just need to sign in with their school email and install Dropbox if they haven’t already), and by getting them to complete the Get Started guide. As you and your classmates earn more points, everyone from your school registered for Space Race will get more free space. Cosmic.

The Details

  • Rules
    • You must register for Space Race with an eligible school email address (if you have an existing Dropbox account you can still join)!
    • If you’ve signed up for Dropbox with a non-school email, no problem! You can verify your school account on the Space Race page.
    • Your school gets 1 point for each person who registers for Space Race and installs Dropbox on their computer (if they haven’t already).
    • Your school gets 2 more points for each person that goes through the Get Started guide (including you!)
  • Free Space!
    • Just by signing up, you get 3 GB for two years.
    • Each level your school achieves means more free space. That means the more classmates and friends you rally to Dropbox, the more space every Space Racer at your school gets, up to 25 GB for two years!
    • In addition to earning points, you’ll still get the normal 500 MB bonus for each referral.
  • You’ll have 8 weeks to get as many people as you can from your school signed up for Space Race!


Dropbox’s roots are in schools. The earliest set of Dropboxers were fresh college grads (or dropouts), so we know exactly where you guys are coming from. Because of this, we love hiring interns and full-timers straight out of school (come work at Dropbox)! In fact, some recent interns sent Dropbox into space as a Hack Week project, and the space pun was just too convenient.

Schools are also a place where Dropbox really shines. We’ve heard of teachers using Dropbox for submitting homework, groups building amazing feats of engineering through shared folders, and theses being rescued from certain doom at the end of that critical all-nighter. That being said, we wanted to do something for all you students and professors to show how much we love you guys. And while our referral doubling last April was cool and all, it’s nothing compared to how ridiculous the space opportunities are going to be for your school this year.

So suit up, grab some dehydrated ice cream, and let’s do this. Invite your friends, classmates, and professors to Space Race, and conquer ALL the space for your school!

Good luck.

P.S. Check out our Terms and Conditions for more details on eligibility.

Dropbox for Android: now starring your photos!

Android, Dropbox, Mobile, Photos / 20 Comments Posted by Tony Grue on October 11, 2012

Just in case our announcement earlier this week wasn’t enough, we’ve got some more photos magic ready for you!

We’ve created a new photos gallery in our Dropbox Android app that puts your pictures front and center and displays them beautifully. Now it’s even easier to flip through all of the photos you’ve automatically uploaded to Dropbox and share them in a snap! And since our Camera Upload feature lets you gather all your photos in one spot, you’ll even see pictures you’ve taken with other cameras. Check it out:



With this update, all of your awesome memories are just a tap away on your Android phone and easier to view, browse, and share. So, go download the latest version of Dropbox for Android and enjoy!

Your photos, simplified (Episode IV)

Dropbox, Mobile, Photos / 29 Comments Posted by Nikrad Mahdi and Gautam Jayaraman on October 09, 2012

We’re hard at work to make it easier for you to view your photos on the go, either through the Dropbox app on your phone or on In the spring, we introduced ways to bring all of your photos and videos to one place, both on Android phones and on your iPhone or iPad. Today, we’re super excited to announce that we’ve also improved the viewing experience for photos on your phone’s browser!

Now, you can view your photos from mobile phones (like your friend’s Droid) through and relive the memories (like from last weekend at the cantina) as easily and vividly as you would from your computer!



Visit from your phone’s browser, tap on the Dropbox icon at the top, and then the Photos button to see the photos in your Camera Uploads folder in a big, shiny gallery format. You can also tap to view them full size and flip through each one.

We hope you enjoy another way to take your precious moments on the go!


Share stuff from Dropbox in your Facebook Groups!

Dropbox / 102 Comments Posted by Chris Varenhorst on September 26, 2012

Today we’re psyched to announce that you can share stuff from Dropbox right inside Facebook Groups! Now you can share notes with your study group, add the latest game schedule to your basketball team’s group, or post a birthday video to your family’s group at lightning speed from wherever you are. Just like other posts to Facebook Groups, people can like or comment on anything you share from within the group. And if you make any edits to a file you’ve shared, the group will get an update automatically! To share with your Facebook group, click ‘Add File’ on the group’s page.

Once you choose to link Facebook to your Dropbox account, you’ll be able to search through your Dropbox and select what you’d like to share. Docs, photos, and videos shared from Dropbox will show up on the group’s wall and can also be viewed on a smartphone or tablet.

For more info on how to use Dropbox and Facebook Groups, check out our help center. We’ll start rolling out the feature today, so you should see it in your Facebook groups soon.

We’re excited about the awesome stuff you’ll create and share!