Make your password stronger with two-step verification


Get your team started with two-step verification!


Published on October 03, 2012

Since we launched Dropbox for Teams, we’ve been amazed by the different and powerful ways that people have been collaborating with their groups. We’ve also been working closely with team administrators to gather feedback on tools they need to help their teams run even better. Today, we’re updating Dropbox for Teams to help admins enable security features for their team. In August, we launched two-step verification to let people add another layer of security to their Dropbox accounts. Starting this evening, admins will be able to see who on their team has turned on two-step verification, and email those who haven’t, directly from the ‘Team’ tab. Check it out:

See who has turned on two-step verification
See who has turned on two-step verification
As we continue to improve Dropbox for Teams, we want folks to understand how Teams accounts differ from Dropbox accounts. Over time, we’ll be developing features to allow Teams admins to help out with common cases, like when someone on your team gets locked out of their account, or when you need access to your summer intern’s project files after they’re gone. To clarify that admins may have access to team member accounts when managing the team, we're updating our Dropbox for Teams Agreement and Privacy Policy. We’re also making it easier for people to manage their personal and team-related files separately, so you can keep those vacation photos in a different spot from your latest PowerPoint deck. We’ll be sending current Teams users an online guide to help move personal stuff into another account. We look forward to providing great tools for admins as well as cool features for everyone using Dropbox, so stay tuned!