Dropbox and Samsung Knox

Dropbox at work — inside Knox


Published on October 01, 2013

The flood of consumer-focused devices into the workplace has brought employees better access to critical information at work — using the same smartphones and tablets they use at home. But as any IT admin will tell you, it’s a double-edged sword. The increased access these bring users means IT needs more visibility, more control, and more options. We take these needs to heart, and as Dropbox for Business grows and evolves, they shape the features we create. Chief among them is our admin console, which serves as mission control for Dropbox for Business. The admin console provides all kinds of data on who’s accessing the account, as well as when and how, plus powerful sharing controls to limit access and enforce security. It’s also the home base for single sign-on (SSO), which is not only an easy way to get Dropbox up and running across an organization, but also gives IT managers more flexibility in adjusting password policies. We’re going one step further today and announcing that Dropbox has been certified for Samsung Knox, a software and hardware security solution that separates personal and business data. With Dropbox available on the Knox Apps store, giving employees the access they want — while maintaining crucial IT control — just got easier. If you’re interested in seeing how Dropbox for Business can help your team collaborate, registered Knox users can try Dropbox for Business free for 90 days. So give it a try, and see how you can get a little “work/life balance.”