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How Dropbox for Business powers Earth Hour


Published on June 19, 2014

Every March, millions of people show their support for the environment by turning out the lights for one hour. This global effort, Earth Hour, is the largest environmental campaign in the world, requiring coordination across 7,000 cities in 152 countries. With so many moving parts, keeping the Earth Hour team on the same page is critical.

When Earth Hour first launched as a local initiative in Sydney, Australia, the team used a basic Dropbox account to store and share its high-resolution videos and materials. But as the campaign gained momentum, it soon became clear that the team could benefit from the additional space and control provided by Dropbox for Business. Realizing how much more his team could do with a little extra power, Chief Information Officer Sid Das decided it was time to flip the switch.

Transitioning from an individual Dropbox account to Dropbox for Business was seamless for the Earth Hour team. As Das remembers, “It was amazing how intuitive Dropbox for Business was for people who were using it for the first time. They figured it out right off the bat.”

The collaboration features in particular were a huge help. Das created shared folders to make sure the team always had access to important files — saving them the time and headache previously spent searching through thousands of emails for the right attachment.

“It has definitely made us more productive,” Das says. “If I need a brand marketing file, I can just go to the folder. I don’t have to look for it repeatedly or depend on someone else to provide it. Dropbox has really changed the way we’re able to work.”

Another collaboration feature that’s proved especially valuable is shared links, which the Sydney-based team uses to send event photos and videos to volunteers around the world — including powerful pictures of major cities like Las Vegas, Dublin, and Moscow gone dark.

Das explains, “With so many volunteers in so many countries, we often don’t want to make people take the extra step of downloading a program. Being able to share links saves time for everyone. It’s a game changer for us.”

And as the Earth Hour campaign continues to grow to include even more cities, it becomes increasingly important that the team keeps all their files organized and safe. As Das explains, “I’ve always been a big fan of Dropbox – and being able to use it to keep our people in sync has been a massive win.”

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