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How Dropbox powers retail and CPG from design to distribution


Published on April 27, 2017

As consumers, a good chunk of the things we purchase are from retail brands. From shoes to clothing to food, it’s hard to put retail companies into a single category because they deliver such a wide range of products.

Behind the scenes, these businesses can have a lot in common: they all develop, produce, distribute, and sell products. But it’s the way each team brings that to life that makes their brand unique.

That’s why flexible tools are needed. And that’s where Dropbox comes in.

Retail and consumer packaged goods brands like adidas Group, Under Armour, and Ben & Jerry’s chose Dropbox Business because it brought their teams closer together. “When selecting a technical solution that is meant to change the way people collaborate, usability and simplicity were among our most important criteria,” says Sören Schmidt, Director of Collaboration & Mobile at adidas Group. “The strong adoption of Dropbox Enterprise among employees shows us that we made the right choice.”

We’ve highlighted Les Lunes and Indochino, two innovative customers looking to change how fashion works. Both companies are obsessed with fit, and use Dropbox to collaborate during the design and manufacturing processes. Portland, Oregon-based Tanner Goods produces leather bags and accessories, and uses Dropbox for their duffel bag’s journey from concept to in-store display.

Another common element of successful retail and CPG companies? Going global. We talked about Dropbox Paper’s impact on Les Lunes’ collaboration between designers in Paris and operations managers in San Francisco. Other customers like Vita Coco, Campos Coffee, Shoes of Prey, and Stylerunner are establishing their presence in locations all over the world, from localizing coconut water packaging in Singapore to picking the right coffee beans in Kenya.

These companies are experts at finding the best locations for sourcing and production, and marketing to a global audience. And Dropbox helps their international teams stay connected.

“We have hundreds of variations of packaging,” Brian Olney, Director of Brand Marketing at Vita Coco says. “The stakes are really big for us, and we have complete and utter trust in Dropbox Business.”

We love working with retail businesses, understanding what goes into producing and distributing their products, and making those workflows more efficient and collaborative.

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