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3 ways you can use Dropbox Showcase


Published on October 17, 2017

Have you ever emailed a batch of files to a client, only to find out they completely overlooked your message? Or that they only downloaded the first of five attachments? Or that your work got forwarded along without your name or attribution?

Headaches like these not only create more work for you—they undermine the way your work comes across.

That’s why we made Dropbox Showcase, a new way to share that puts your work in the best light. Included with Dropbox Professional—and available to Advanced and Enterprise teams in early access—Showcase helps you present your work professionally and track what happens after you share. Here are three ways you can use Showcase to make a big impact, without all the stress.

Impress your clients

Say you’re a marketing consultant who’s just created a launch campaign for a new retail business. You’ve included logo designs, market insights, a budget, and even a calendar of key events. You’re ready to send everything along, but you’re worried your message might get lost in a long email and slew of attachments.

With Showcase, you control the story and flow. You can arrange all your files in exactly the way you want, then add context with an intro message and file captions. Maybe you want to start with a video to set the right tone, then move pricing details to the bottom so the client can see all your work first. And with everything in a single, professionally packaged page, you’ll avoid confusion and make the best impression right away.

Design a polished portfolio

Or maybe you’re a graphic designer with a deep portfolio, but your work is scattered across dozens of old folders and dusty thumb drives. Worse, half the time you do share something, it winds up getting passed around without your name or branding.

Showcase can help. Once you’ve added your files to a showcase, they’ll stay updated every time you do a revision, so no more tracking down the latest versions or accidentally sending out a first draft. You can also customize your showcase for each recipient, making small tweaks rather than uploading the same nine attachments every time. Finally, Showcase lets you add your name, logo, and other branding on the same page as all your files, which means you’ll still get credit for your work, no matter where it gets shared.

Sell your idea

Finally, suppose you’re an entrepreneur and you’ve got a great new idea for a business. But whenever you try to gauge interest from potential partners or investors, you’re left in the dark. Did they read the full plan? Did the right person see it? Did they even get your email in the first place?

Next time, try sending your idea with Showcase. For each showcase you share, you can see who viewed or downloaded your work, and when they did so. You can even see which files are getting the most attention, and which parts are getting overlooked the most often. When someone does take a look, you’ll get an email alert, so you know exactly when to follow up.

Whether you need to present your work professionally, make your mark with personal branding, or keep tabs on how people interact with your files, Showcase can help you share and track your work—all in one trusted place. Sign up for Dropbox Professional to create your own showcase today.

Tell a story they'll remember with Dropbox Showcase
Tell a story they'll remember with Dropbox Showcase