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Spotify CMO Seth Farbman

Q&A with Seth Farbman: Spotify CMO, motivator, frequent flyer

Illustration for Dropbox and Okta integration story

Howard Hughes Corp enables secure collaboration with Dropbox and Okta

Klipsch fine-tunes product development and distribution with Dropbox

Photo of iQmetrix Endless Aisle interactive touchscreen

iQmetrix rethinks retail with Dropbox

photo of Lori Feldman

Q&A with Lori Feldman: Collaborator, brainstormer, campaign guru

How General Assembly’s design team stays in sync with Dropbox

Illustration of the many ways people use Dropbox

The many ways people use Dropbox—in one illustration

Photo of Weera Saad

Q&A with Weera Saad, creative chameleon, team builder, mindful thinker

Photo of Chris Rowson

Q&A with Chris Rowson: Team builder, maker, sponge