Illustration by Alison Yousefi
Illustration by Alison Yousefi

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The new Dropbox Spaces makes remote work easier and more organized


Published on November 17, 2020

Since the pandemic forced the shift to distributed work, teams have run into new obstacles while collaborating on projects. We know from our own experience as a distributed team, when content, discussions, and activities are spread across tools and channels, it takes too much time to find what you need. And when everyone is working in a different place, it’s even harder to track the progress of your projects and make sure work is moving forward.

Dropbox Spaces was designed to solve those problems. Our customers have always counted on Dropbox to make file sharing and organization easy. Now, with Spaces, we’re extending that core capability to make project collaboration easier for teams. 

Since its introduction last year, Spaces has evolved to become a standalone, virtual workspace. The new Spaces brings projects and teams together so you can collaborate efficiently from kickoff to delivery. Here’s how Spaces can help your team move projects forward.

Since its introduction last year, Spaces has evolved to become a standalone, virtual workspace.

Video on how to get started using Dropbox Spaces

Streamline your work

When information is spread across tools and channels, projects are harder to manage. Spaces makes it easier by bringing everything you need for a project into a single Space for teams.

Easily kick off projects with teammates or clients—wherever they are

  • Create and share dedicated project Spaces with your team, so everyone can work on the same virtual surface.
  • Bring together files, cloud content, tasks, comments, and timelines into a single Space for teams.
  • Control who has access to a Space so you can be confident that you’re sharing work with the right people. 
Animation of the new Dropbox Spaces create feature

Quickly find and add relevant project files to a Space

  • Add all types of content—including Google Docs, Trello boards, Excel spreadsheets, JPEG files, and more—to your workspace without having to move the content from its original location. You can access it all from within a Space so you don’t have to jump between apps.
  • Easily locate the right content by searching across projects, cloud docs and files.
Animation of the new Dropbox Spaces content feature

Get an organized view of all your projects in one place

  • View all your projects in a streamlined, simple overview, and quickly see who's involved.
  • Spaces are accessible during and after projects, so your team can always reference their past projects.
Animation of the new Dropbox Spaces home

Prioritize your day

Competing priorities make it difficult to work efficiently and finish what needs to get done. With Spaces, you can create a prioritized task list for yourself and the team, add project milestones, and manage your schedule so you never miss a deadline.

Keep projects on track and the team on schedule

  • Get a single view of high priority tasks so you can quickly plan how to tackle the day. 
  • Track all tasks in one place—even across projects—including those that have been assigned to you or a teammate, and those you’ve created for yourself. 
  • Flexibly categorize and view project tasks within a list or calendar view—then add comments or links to related files so you can quickly jump into the work. 
Animation of tasks in the new Dropbox Spaces

Manage your schedule for the day

  • Connect your Outlook or Google calendar to Spaces to see your meetings for the day.
  • Integrate with popular videoconferencing tools to track meeting notes, agendas, and follow-ups in Spaces.
  • Join a meeting directly from Spaces with one click. 
Animation of meetings in the new Dropbox Spaces

Stay connected to move projects forward

Connecting with people and keeping tabs on work-in-progress is more challenging than ever. With Spaces, you can share and reply to feedback, and feel the human connection of working together from anywhere.

Collaborate and exchange feedback asynchronously or in real-time

  • Post and monitor key project updates for the team, and @mention specific teammates to get their attention. 
  • Leave comments or questions for teammates directly on linked content within your workspace so that the discussion and the work are together in one place. 
  • Reply or leave a reaction in a Space so the team knows you’ve seen the latest update.

Get a shared view on work-in-progress and keep tabs on updates from the team

  • Keep a pulse on project updates and stay in touch with the team so everyone’s on the same page. See the latest project updates and requests for feedback so you never miss a thing. 
  • Tag a teammate or client in an update, and they can reply directly with a comment, emoji, or link a new file.
Animation of updates in the new Dropbox Spaces

Work more efficiently by bringing meeting and project content together in one place

  • Get your team on the same page by creating a meeting overview doc to capture key info for the team—including the agenda, action items, and attendees. 
  • When a meeting doc is created, it’s automatically added to your calendar invite, so your teammates can easily access the notes and agenda when they need it.

The new Dropbox Spaces is currently available in private beta. To request access, check out