Introducing Dropbox Dash, AI-powered universal search, and Dropbox AI


Published on June 21, 2023

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At Dropbox, we’ve long believed in AI’s potential to completely transform knowledge work. Over the years, we’ve incorporated machine learning across our products—from automatically turning an off-kilter smartphone photo of a document into a perfect PDF to removing “ums” and “likes” from your Dropbox Capture screen recordings—all to help you save time and work more efficiently.

In just the last few months, recent advancements in AI and ML have opened up a new world of possibilities. Seemingly overnight, we now live in a world where machines can read, write, talk to us, and answer our questions. 

But this just scratches the surface of how AI can improve the way we work. It’s clear that customers need more personalized AI that can answer questions and provide insights on their own content, their company’s content, and help them find what they need at work.

That’s why we’re excited to introduce Dropbox Dash and Dropbox AI, new AI-powered tools that help you get more out of your content and do your best work.

Video of Dropbox Founder/CEO Drew Houston

Meet Dropbox Dash:
The AI-powered universal search tool for work

Remember when all your work was neatly organized in your files and folders and you could search for all your content on one hard drive? These days, work is scattered across hundreds of tabs and apps, across your desktop and browser. And instead of one search bar, it feels like you have ten—somehow we live in a world where it’s easier to search all of human knowledge than it is to search for your company’s knowledge, or your own content.

It’s no wonder people spend so much of their workday navigating between apps and content—doing what we like to call “work about work.” In fact, knowledge workers spend 8.8 hours a week just looking for files and content. 69% spend up to 60 minutes a day navigating between apps. So we set out to build a tool that can help you spend less time searching and organizing all your content, and more time efficiently doing your best work.

Dropbox Dash is AI-powered universal search that connects all of your tools, content, and apps in a single search bar. With connectors to major platforms like Google Workspace, Microsoft Outlook, Salesforce, and more, you can find everything in one place, fast. Now you can skip those time-consuming tasks like toggling between apps to share content, join a meeting, and find a deck your teammate shared. And because Dash is powered by machine learning, it learns, evolves, and improves the more you use it.

In addition to universal search, the Dropbox Dash browser extension includes additional features like:

  • Stacks: Smart collections for your links that offer a quick way to save, organize, and retrieve URLs. In the same way files have folders and songs have playlists, Stacks provide an easily shareable, organizational layer for your cloud content.
  • Start Page: A single dashboard that lets you access Dash universal search, view Stacks, get shortcuts to recent work, and start meetings, making it easier to navigate your day and get back to your most important work.
Animation overview of Dropbox Dash

And this is just the beginning. Soon, Dash will be able to pull from your information and your company’s information to answer questions and surface relevant content using generative AI. You won’t need to sift through all your company’s internal links and pages to find out when the next company holiday is—you’ll just be able to ask Dash and get an answer, fast.

Animation demonstrating Dropbox Dash Answers

Dropbox Dash is currently available in English to select customers in beta. To learn more about Dash and join the waitlist, visit

Quickly summarize content and get answers with Dropbox AI

We’re applying AI to file previews, one of our most highly trafficked web surfaces, as part of a new offering called Dropbox AI.  

  • Quickly understand large documents or videos without parsing through the entire file. With the click of a button, you can summarize your content, like contracts and meeting recordings, into a concise explanation.
  • Get the information you need without the hassle of manually searching through large files. Simply ask a question and get a response within seconds.

And soon, you’ll be able to use Dropbox AI on your folders or your entire Dropbox account. 

Dropbox AI for file previews is currently in alpha. As of today, it will be available in the U.S. to all Dropbox Pro customers and start rolling out to select Dropbox Teams to test.

Animation demonstrating Dropbox AI

Propelling the next generation of AI startups 

Today, we’re also launching Dropbox Ventures—a new $50M venture initiative to propel the next generation of startups who are transforming how we work through innovations in AI. Portfolio companies will receive financial support and mentorship to build new AI-powered products that will shape the future of work. If you’re a startup and interested in learning more, visit

Renewing our commitment to trust with our AI Principles

Being worthy of trust is one of our core values at Dropbox and at the center of everything we do. We recognize the deep responsibility that comes with applying new technology on behalf of our customers. So as we launch new AI-powered product experiences today and in the future, we’re renewing our commitment to this important value with our AI Principles.

In this next era of AI, it’s more important than ever that we protect our customers’ privacy, act transparently, and limit bias in our AI technologies so they’re built as fairly and reliably as possible.

Our AI Principles have been developed with these standards in mind, which will guide our teams as we develop AI products and features responsibly in the years to come. To learn more, visit


No matter what tools you use or what content you’re working with, we’re delivering experiences that make it easy to quickly find, organize, and manage all your work—right from Dropbox.