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Photo of Hallie Johnston, senior vice president, Refinery29

Q&A with Hallie Johnston: Late-night brainstormer, fearless creator

Josh McHugh, CEO of Attention Span

Q&A with Josh McHugh: CEO and Editor in Chief at Attention Span

Q&A with David “Shingy” Shing: facilitator, disruptor, prophet

Photo of Marcus Peterzell

Q&A with Marcus Peterzell: Brainstormer, music geek, philanthropist

How the Cannes Lions team is using Paper to coordinate with press

An outside view of the Cannes Lions School

How Dropbox Paper is powering creativity at the Cannes Lions School

Photo of David Rheinstrom

Q&A with Wondery’s David Rheinstrom: Podcaster, storyteller, goofball

We Are X director Stephen Kijak and subject Yoshiki at 2016 Sundance Film Festival

8 ways you can use Dropbox on your next film

Photo of Sundance filmmaker panel session hosted by Dropbox

Learn how Sundance filmmakers tap into creativity