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Illustration for blog on 15 presentation tips

15 things you should do to prepare for your next presentation

Photo of Patreon CEO Jack Conte

How Patreon uses Dropbox Paper to grow and share ideas

Illustration of teamwork with Dropbox

How to streamline teamwork and track projects on the go

Illustration of wordsmith for effective collaboration post

Effective collaboration: 3 tips for teaming with wordsmiths

Photo of Kate Nash by Charlotte Patmore

Q&A with Kate Nash: How collaborative chemistry unleashes creativity

Photo of singer/songwriter Vera Blue

Q&A with Vera Blue: How tuning into your environment can shape a song

Illustration for blog post on 5 tasks you should stop doing

These are the 5 tasks you should stop doing today

Photo of Cindy Wilson of The B-52s

Pro tips on creative collaboration from Cindy Wilson of The B-52s

Grow bigger, brighter ideas together with Dropbox Paper

Q&A with Sara Watkins: Finding creative focus after the blur of a tour