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Published on December 16, 2022

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We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve acquired FormSwift, a cloud-based service that gives individuals and businesses a simple solution to create, complete, edit, and save critical business forms and agreements.  

The increasingly digital nature of work today has made it possible for people to work from anywhere. At Dropbox, we’re building tools to help our customers succeed in today’s virtual world by modernizing manual workflows and digitizing tasks traditionally reserved for pen and paper. As people navigate this new way of working, the message from our customers is clear: they’re looking for ways to streamline their workflows, simplify their tasks, and save valuable time. 

We know from our customers that document and agreement workflows could especially use improvement. That’s why we’ve focused on building an end-to-end agreement workflow experience—most recently, with simple, secure tools like Dropbox Sign, Dropbox Forms, and DocSend—to help people quickly sign and share their most important agreements. But our small business and freelance customers are still spending valuable time and money searching for or drafting business agreements and other templates necessary to complete their work. Now with FormSwift, customers will have an easy-to-access body of templates that help save time and streamline clunky processes—like searching the web to find appropriate rental agreements or using significant resources to hire a lawyer to draft an NDA.  

The FormSwift team has built a successful business focused on solving for a key pain point small business owners and freelancers face: the need for a simple solution to create, complete, edit, and save critical business forms and agreements from start to finish. With a similar customer base of small businesses and freelancers—and a product that is easy to try, use, and buy—FormSwift shares in our goal to simply make work easier for our customers in an increasingly distributed environment.

We’re excited to introduce our customers to FormSwift’s vast library of templates, giving them the ability to find, edit, sign and share the documents they need—all from Dropbox. Now that the deal has closed, we will continue to invest in the FormSwift experience and seek ways to integrate it with other Dropbox capabilities. Today, customers can continue to access FormSwift templates via the FormSwift website, now backed by Dropbox.

Together with FormSwift, we hope to bring more seamless end-to-end document workflows to even more customers. 

Welcome to Dropbox, FormSwift! 

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