Bring chat and content together with Dropbox Paper for Slack


Published on September 12, 2017

Today’s teams work together constantly, whether they’re brainstorming ideas, delegating tasks, or providing feedback. But that often means they have to keep switching windows and hopping between different software, which winds up creating more busywork. Shouldn’t a team’s tools get out of the way, helping them stay focused on the work itself? With this in mind, we’re announcing a new integration between Dropbox Paper—the single space for your team to create and share work—and Slack, a digital workplace that connects you to the people and tools you work with every day.
A screenshot showing the Dropbox Paper-Slack integration.
A screenshot showing the Dropbox Paper-Slack integration.
With Dropbox Paper for Slack, your content and conversations stay together seamlessly as you move between the two tools—so your team and the teams they work with can stay on the same page and find information easily. Once you’ve connected Paper and Slack, you can do any of the following, directly from Slack:
  • Paste a Paper link in Slack to see a detailed preview
Slack will automatically display the doc’s title, first few paragraphs, and first image. You’ll also be able to see who last updated the doc, and when they did so.
  • Type “/paper new [title]” to create a new Paper doc right in your Slack chat box
Start capturing ideas as soon as they come along, rather than trying to organize them later.
  • Type “/paper [search terms]” in Slack to search for any Paper docs you’ve created
Look up past information or help add context to a chat, all without leaving Slack. We’re also proud to share that this new integration will work in Slack Shared Channels, a new Slack feature that enables teams to work with companies and groups outside of their own. We gave Patreon a chance to try the integration before release. Patreon is changing the way creatives make a living, so keeping everyone on the same page—with content and conversations together—is especially important. The team spends all day in Slack and Paper: brainstorming ideas, reviewing proposals, and sharing new designs for its fast-growing base of creators. “Slack is for instant communication, and then Paper is where all of our living, breathing documents go. And it's amazing to have the two joined together,” said Patreon’s creator marketing manager Christine Donaldson. “It reduces the boot up time from ‘Let’s start a doc for this,’ to actually getting into collaboration mode with teammates. And that means we have so much extra time to create more ideas, together.” With Dropbox Paper for Slack, we’re proud to be helping teams like Patreon do their best work. You can try the integration for yourself today.