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Published on September 28, 2021

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The sudden shift to remote work accelerated existing trends like the rise of the creator and freelancer economies, expansion of distributed teams, and the increased use of rich media and video files. As more work is done in more places using more types of files, distributed teams and creatives need solutions that allow them to work anytime, from anywhere, across all their workflows. That’s why we’re introducing three new product experiences that help you do more with your content in Dropbox.*

Communicate clearly and save time with Dropbox Capture

For many, remote work has meant endless hours of video meetings, constant chat messages, and long emails in place of the kind of dynamic communication that comes from being in the same room. Customers who work across time zones have told us they need new ways to provide context for their content without adding more meetings and emails.

Dropbox Capture is an all-in-one visual communication tool that helps team members share their work and ideas asynchronously.

  • Replace lengthy emails and documents with short video messages to communicate with your team in less time
  • Bring clarity to your message by visually presenting your work through easy-to-take screen recordings, GIFs, and screenshots
  • Convey context and connect more deeply with personalized messages
  • Free up your calendar and avoid impossible meeting scheduling across time zones by recording and sharing status updates and work-in-progress with your team

Today, Capture is in beta across personal and business plans and can be accessed at

"I often struggle with time zones at my company because we operate internationally. It’s hard to share ideas, because there’s only so much you can get across over written messages. With Dropbox Capture, you can actually show the person what you're looking at, point things out, and convey it with your own voice.”—Mackenzie Davis, a Dropbox customer in the consulting industry

Dropbox Capture
Animation of Dropbox Capture

Simplify video feedback with Dropbox Replay

Over the past two years, we’ve communicated over video more than ever. Billions of video files are added to Dropbox each year. And between 2019 and 2020, there was a nearly 50% increase in the number of video editing files added to Dropbox. 

Meanwhile, getting sign off on video content has become more difficult when collaborators are working remotely. Large files, different video formats, and low bandwidth all add to the complexity. Teams tell us they need a tool to gather actionable feedback in one place so they can respond faster.

Dropbox Replay is a video collaboration tool that makes it easier to collect, manage, and respond to feedback, all in one place.

  • Easily share videos with your teammates, ready for them to leave frame-accurate feedback on your video. There's no need to download the video, take separate notes in an email, or write up feedback in a separate doc.
  • Leave frame-accurate comments and annotations, even if you don’t have a Dropbox account
  • Avoid having to search email and chat threads from different collaborators—all feedback is documented in Replay
  • Bring the viewing room experience to life virtually through the Live Review feature, and bypass choppy playback on video calls
  • Confidently manage and track progress on all video projects

Visit Dropbox Replay to learn more.

Dropbox Replay
Animation of Dropbox Replay

Sell your digital content with Dropbox Shop

For years, content creators have relied on Dropbox to make remote collaboration easier. With the rise of the creator economy and new platforms for monetizing content, there’s even more opportunity for us to support the work of creators. If you have content you’re creating for a side hustle, hobby, or potential new business, why not take the first step and put it out there for sale? 

Dropbox Shop lets you sell digital content creations you have stored in Dropbox.

  • Easily create product listings in three clicks. Add content directly from Dropbox or your computer, set a custom image, audio, or video preview, and determine your price
  • Automatically deliver content upon payment so you don’t have to manage facilitating payments and delivering content with customers
  • Share product listings directly with customers or via social media and maintain 100% ownership over your customer base
  • Keep your content safe with required customer email validation for additional downloads
  • Evaluate your listings with aggregate-level sales, views, and revenue analytics

Shop is coming in beta soon. To join the waitlist, apply by signing up at

Dropbox Shop
Screenshot showing user interface of Dropbox Shop

We will continue supporting our customers by building even more dynamic experiences that connect all of their content to their workflows. To learn how we’re helping creatives and distributed teams around the world do more with their content stored in Dropbox, check out our new product experiences at

*These three new product experiences are currently available only in English.