Our 2023 Diversity Report


Published on May 07, 2024

At Dropbox, we’re on a mission to design a more enlightened way of working. An important part of this is our commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI). That includes building an inclusive and equitable workplace experience and tuning into the diversity of our people, both of which are key to our longterm success. At Dropbox, all employees can contribute to building a compassionate culture where everyone can do their best work. 

To achieve those goals, we’re continuing to execute on our three multi-year DEI commitments:

  1. Build a diverse and inclusive team
  2. Develop and advance equitably
  3. Engage in personal growth

We regularly review talent health and diversity metrics to better understand where we have made progress and where we can continue improving. Here is a closer look at our findings:

  • From 2022 to 2023, global representation for women company-wide increased from 39% to 41% and remained consistent for U.S.-based underrepresented minorities (URMs)¹ at 12%.², ³ 
  • Over the last five years, we’ve seen an overall increase company-wide in representation of women globally (38% to 41%) and U.S. based URMs (10% to 12%).
  • Over a five-year time span, we’ve seen an increase in women in leadership positions⁴ at Dropbox, jumping from 35% to 44% and U.S. based URMs in leadership positions increasing from 3% to 4%. 

Commitment 1: Build a diverse and inclusive team

Virtual First

Our commitment to building a diverse and inclusive team is centered around fostering a strong company culture that supports our virtual workplace and talent engagement. In 2020, Dropbox announced its shift to Virtual First, an operating model that combines the flexibility of remote work with meaningful in-person connection.   

Virtual First has transformed Dropbox into a lab for distributed work, where we’re experimenting and learning to solve the biggest challenges of remote collaboration from the inside out. Internal surveys have shown that Dropbox employees have adapted well to Virtual First and are feeling more productive and balanced. Additionally, our talent retention rates were at a record high in 2023.

In order to best support employees in this distributed way of working, we continue to iterate on our model and offer solutions to common pain points, including:

  • Refining our open source Virtual First Toolkit with ongoing learnings from working in Virtual First, including best practices for things like running productive meetings, communicating effectively, and cultivating healthy teams 
  • Offering on-demand spaces that grant all Dropbox employees access to meeting and co-working spaces globally
  • Piloting different support models to enhance the quality of our in-person connections, including additional support for organizing events and resources for managers


Working in Virtual First, we’re highly focused on finding ways for employees to build community, connection, and a sense of belonging. Dropbox Neighborhoods help us do that. Through this program, employees have the ability to connect with others who live nearby at regular events.

Over the past two years, we’ve expanded to 37 Neighborhoods globally—the majority of which are outside of traditional tech hubs. In 2023, we hosted 131 in-person Dropbox Neighborhood events. Our Neighborhoods have hosted All Hands watch parties and product release celebrations so employees can connect during major business moments, Employee Resource Group (ERG) heritage month programming that supports local businesses, manager training opportunities, and other social engagements, like co-working gatherings. We also onboarded over 20 new Community Builders, who support Neighborhood events and champion connection in their areas, and have started an onboarding buddy program, which connects new hires to more tenured Dropbox employees in their area. 

Talent Acquisition 

Recruiting is one of the most important levers in building diverse and inclusive teams. In 2023, our Talent Acquisition team developed a hiring philosophy called “The Dropbox Way,” which consists of six principles focused on attracting high-impact individuals who spark innovation, elevate strategy, and foster creativity. This philosophy aims to ensure a fair and equitable hiring process at every stage.

We’ll continue to refine our processes to ensure equitable talent outcomes. This past year, we made some enhancements by:

  • Implementing inclusive hiring training for hiring managers and interviewers
  • Creating greater consistency in how we interview candidates through a structured question bank that connects to our Dropbox Core Responsibilities, the company-wide framework we use for hiring, performance, and learning
  • Enhancing the candidate experience by communicating interview outcomes within five days and providing feedback to all candidates who reach the final stage interviews 

In 2024, we will continue to test and iterate hiring policies and processes that limit biases and foster equitable outcomes.

Emerging Talent

At Dropbox, we believe that investing in high potential, early career talent is one of the most impactful ways to build a diverse pipeline for our future. Through our Emerging Talent efforts, we support partnerships with universities and a variety of diverse, pipeline organizations through targeted marketing and events.

In 2023, our partnerships included:

Our 2023 Emerging Talent recruiting efforts continued to have a positive impact. We provided differentiated in-house event experiences, positioning Dropbox as an employer of choice. These engagements ranged from smaller, in-person events designed to facilitate meaningful conversations between students and Dropbox employees to larger, on-campus, executive speaker events. We also provided support to early career talent through tailored interview prep videos, portfolio review sessions, and virtual 1:1 flash mentoring that prepares them for our intern application process. 

Additionally, our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) played a pivotal role in enhancing our recruiting events and mentorship programs. These groups actively engaged with underrepresented students to help build their professional networks, share their own career journeys, and coach them to enable a long-lasting career in tech.

In 2023, we hosted nine Emerging Talent events focused on attracting women and URM talent. 94% of surveyed event attendees left with a positive impression of the company, and 95% expressed interest in Dropbox after the event.

In 2024, we will continue investing in our partnerships, including but not limited to ColorStack, Diversity in Design and Arizona State University’s Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers Chapter. 


In order to truly work better together at Dropbox, we are committed to supporting the holistic health and well-being of our people. By offering inclusive benefits that address the diverse needs of Dropbox employees, we create a supportive and equitable workplace where our employees can thrive and contribute to company success. 

Commitment 2: Develop and Advance Equitably

At Dropbox, we look at talent management through an equity lens. Every year, we analyze promotion and performance rating trends to assess whether there is equity and consistency throughout our talent management and promotion processes.

Pay equity

Providing Dropbox employees fair and equitable pay is one of our key guiding compensation principles. We believe that employee pay should reflect legitimate factors such as experience, performance, level, time in role, etc., and be in line with the pay of similarly situated peers.

We regularly review our global pay practices to gauge our progress towards pay equity, taking into account factors such as location, gender, and race/ethnicity.

Dropbox mentoring

We want employees to own, grow, and develop in their careers at Dropbox. We launched the Dropbox Mentoring Program in 2022 to help employees connect, get advice, and provide tools and resources for professional development. 

Manager development

As we continue to strive for high impact and results as a company, manager training and development is crucial. That’s why, last year, we hosted two Manager Summits and an ongoing High-Impact Leadership Training Series that focuses on the manager’s role in supporting our Core Responsibilities around Results, Direction, and Culture.

  • In February, we hosted a High-Impact Leadership Series on personal growth, team development, and organizational design.
  • In May, we hosted a Manager Summit on Navigating Transitions—how managers can refocus teams when priorities shift. 
  • In July, the High-Impact Leadership Series covered how managers can improve their agility, innovation, and change management skills.
  • In September, we focused on Culture in a joint Manager Summit x High Impact Leadership session. This featured a keynote with behavioral scientist and New York Times bestselling author Jon Levy, who is known for his work in trust, human connection, belonging, and influence. Jon led a discussion focused on the mindsets and techniques successful leaders use to create great culture.
  • Additionally, we hosted tiered leadership development training that help early and experienced managers grow their skills. 

Commitment 3: Engage in Personal Growth

Dropbox’s commitment to Engaging in Personal Growth allows each Dropbox employee to advance their own learning and development and explore opportunities for connecting across the organization. 

DEI trainings

Our DEI team continues to provide trainings and workshops that focus on creating inclusive environments, supporting cultural competence, driving organizational change, and improving performance and innovation. 72% of all employees have completed an introductory DEI fundamentals course. 

Employee Resource Groups

At Dropbox, ERGs are self-organized, employee-led groups that provide support for underrepresented communities and foster a sense of belonging and inclusion for all employees. ERGs focus on supporting the growth of their members by providing professional development, mentoring, community outreach, and engagement programs. ERGs also support the business via recruitment and retention efforts as well as providing insights from their respective groups.

The DEI team hosted an in-person ERG Leadership Summit that brought together group leaders, Executive Sponsors, and Dropbox leaders. Over two days, the group focused on personal growth, cross-ERG collaboration, and connection.

Our ERGs also advance our strategy by providing critical support to our Talent Brand team. By highlighting the experiences and backgrounds of ERG members, they can position us as an employer of choice. Additionally, ERGs help our Benefits team align with the needs of our diverse workforce. 

In 2024, we will continue to build upon our DEI commitments. This year, we’re focused on supporting employee mindsets and behaviors that foster an inclusive workplace. We remain steadfast in our commitment to DEI, acknowledging that our journey is ever evolving.

Representation of Women at Dropbox

(as of 12/31/2023) 


US Ethnicity at Dropbox

As of 12/31/2023 (with percent changes as of 12/31/2022)


Materiality Disclaimer

While Dropbox believes that our DEI goals and initiatives are important, we currently do not believe that such goals, initiatives, or risks are material to our financial results and results of operations, except to the extent referenced in our Annual Report on Form 10-K and subsequent 10-Q filings. This report also contains human capital measures or objectives that may be different from or are in addition to the human capital measures or objectives that Dropbox is required to disclose in its U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission filings. For a discussion on human capital measures or objectives that Dropbox focuses on in managing its business, please see the “Human Capital” section in our most recent Annual Report on Form 10-K.


¹At Dropbox, underrepresented minorities (URMs) are defined as those who identify as Black, Hispanic, American Indian and Pacific Islander

²Data on gender is global, and data on race is US only; data refers to full-time employees only

³Gender and racial/ethnic group designation is self-reported by employees

The “Manager” category includes individuals with people management responsibilities (including those at the Director level and above); based on level designations in Dropbox’s HR system, “Leadership” is Director level and above, “Tech” are employees in our Engineering, Product, and Design functions