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We’re going to SXSW to find out how top creatives collaborate


Published on March 09, 2017

Ever wonder why working as a team takes you farther than flying solo? Now that we have the tools to collaborate across continents, how do we bring brilliant people together, help them connect complementary skills, and make breakthroughs?

We’ve been asking ourselves those questions a lot lately. With the launch of our latest products, we’re more focused than ever on building tools that empower people to create and innovate together. Specifically, we want to find out how can we make collaboration more fun and less tedious.

At this year’s South by Southwest Conference & Festivals, we’ll be asking influencers how they work as bands, podcasters, comedy teams, and more. We want to learn how they get into the creative zone, take inspiration from others, and combine their talents to create something they couldn’t on their own.

Stay tuned. Next week, we’ll share what we learned from some of the most influential makers at the 2017 SXSW. To see the interviews as soon as they’re posted, follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

Coming to Austin for SXSW? Join us at the Dropbox Podcast Studio on March 12 and see your favorite podcasts performed live! We’re celebrating creativity—from music to design to storytelling—with Reply All, Snap Judgment, Design Matters, Homemade Stories, and Rebel Radio. If you’re joining us, share your photos and thoughts with the hashtag #DropboxStudio.