Screenshot showing the customized toolbar on the new


The new—files and team activity, all in one place


Published on April 04, 2017

When you’re working with others, finding the right file is just the beginning. What about all the other work that happens around those files? Sometimes that context and those sharing relationships are just as important as the file itself. That’s why we’re excited to roll out our new redesigned website to all users today. is designed to bring your files to life with team-first functionality—so it’s not just a place for your files, but for people and conversations, too. Here’s what’s new and what it means for you.

Less time coordinating work, more time getting things done

With simpler navigation, it’s easier to share files and Paper docs with others, leave feedback, and see what’s changed—without the back-and-forth over email. We’ve even customized the toolbar, presenting only the relevant next steps for what you’ve selected.

More information at a glance

The new lets you browse files visually with a thumbnail view, and see who else is collaborating with you on shared files and folders. And we’ve made search even smarter, providing results across your files and Dropbox Paper docs.
Screenshot showing the thumbnail view on the new
Screenshot showing the thumbnail view on the new

Now your tools have work-life balance, too

Whether you’re at the office or working from home, our new website is designed to help you focus on the task at hand. With clearer account separation, it’s easier to switch between your work and personal Dropbox accounts. And when you do, now you’ll only see search and notifications for the account you’re in.

Screenshot showing the clear separation between work and personal accounts.
Screenshot showing the clear separation between work and personal accounts.

A team-first experience that makes life easier for admins

With a cleaner, more streamlined design, the new admin console will simplify the way Dropbox Business admins manage their team. It’s coming soon in early access, so stay tuned. To see the new web experience for yourself—and even take a quick tour— sign in to your Dropbox account on the web. For an overview of everything new on, check out this help center article.