Illustration by Fanny Luor
Illustration by Fanny Luor


New HelloSign solution lets you securely send, sign, and store documents without leaving Dropbox


Published on July 28, 2020

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Managing projects and meeting deadlines was complicated enough before the global health crisis forced us out of our offices. Workers were already struggling to stay focused as they switched between as many as 35 tools per day. Now they have the added challenge of keeping everything organized while making the transition to distributed work

Distributed teams across the globe are relying on eSignatures more than ever to complete contracts while working remotely. That’s why we recently launched HelloSign in 21 additional languages. Today, we’re excited to announce a new solution to make eSignature workflows easier.

Animation of HelloSign solution within Dropbox

HelloSign becomes the default eSignature solution in Dropbox

Embedding HelloSign as a native feature within Dropbox enables you to send, sign, and store your most important documents in one organized place, without leaving Dropbox. Once completed, the signed copy automatically saves back to Dropbox.

Today, this new functionality becomes generally available to all users. Here’s how it can help you expedite document workflows using digital tools and avoiding lengthy, complex physical contracts. 

Secure Paperless signing to keep your business moving 

For years, businesses were beholden to a signature on a physical piece of paper to close sales deals, onboard a new hire, or execute vendor agreements. This manual process slows down business processes, is prone to human error, and even more complicated when you’re working remotely or need to enable distributed ways of working.

But with the HelloSign eSignature solution in Dropbox, you can sign off sales contracts, offer letters, and POs faster than ever. eSigned documents are returned 80% faster than traditional contracts and just as legally binding, so you can drastically speed up the turnaround time.

Digital contracts also allow you to resolve requests for changes faster. And since this all happens within Dropbox, it’s easy to track who’s changed what, when, and get notifications of next steps, improving your completion rates. 

By making everything intuitive and easy to access in one platform, HelloSign and Dropbox can help remote workers stay focused on collaboration. Now, they won’t be taken out of their workflow to deal with the logistical chores of paper-based signatures. 

Screenshot showing HelloSign solution within Dropbox

The easiest way to get legally binding eSignatures in Dropbox

The pen and paper signature process is time consuming. It requires creating contracts and documents, gathering input from multiple teams, and making revisions, all before they can be printed, sent out for signatures, and sent back to the recipient. If any errors are made along the way, the process has to start over again.

The HelloSign/Dropbox eSignature solution simplifies the self-signing and signature request experience. By eliminating many manual steps, contracts can be completed faster. Customers don’t need to create a new account to access the documents and start signing. 

Plus, internal teams such as sales, marketing, finance and procurement can work together on the same document—regardless of where they work. They’ll spend less time on paperwork and more time on helping customers, closing deals, and securing new partner contracts.

Automate your workflow for your most important agreements

In the past, handling contracts and distributing them via courier was a risky and lengthy process. Files could get lost in transit, intercepted, or simply not get completed and returned in time. 

With the new HelloSign solution, though, you can quickly create and send a file for signature with just a few clicks from virtually anywhere, on any device—all within Dropbox.

Once complete, your signed documents are auto-saved back to Dropbox. And with the custom save-back feature, you can automatically keep files organized within Dropbox by picking your save-back location. 

With end-to-end encryption and clear audit trails, all documents get to the right person. The audit trails are admissible in court, so there’s less risk. With complete transparency throughout the workflow, remote teams and essential workers have a simpler, more secure way to work together on important documents.

Screenshot showing HelloSign solution within Dropbox

The new HelloSign/Dropbox solution is supported on Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Firefox, with support for Safari coming soon. To learn more about this feature, visit

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