New Dropbox Embedder tool used by developers around the world in healthcare and education


Published on July 14, 2020

A few months ago we launched Embedder in preview, and since then, we’ve seen developers all over the world leverage it to bring incredible value to their customers. This tool enables third-party developers to easily embed Dropbox files and folders into their web apps. And what this means for users of those apps is being able to access Dropbox content without having to leave the app.

Not only have we seen integrations with apps like Jira and Sheetgo, we’ve also seen use cases in non-tech fields. And now with the official release of Embedder, we’re looking forward to seeing more uses of it across many industries. Below are some of the most notable use cases in healthcare and education.

University of Milan’s COVID document center 
In Italy, a University of Milan research center and online journal called CERIDAP recently created a section of their website devoted to helping the general public find information about the pandemic. They’ve been able to use the Embedder to display and distribute all the official policies adopted in Italy by state and local authorities on the COVID-19 emergency. 

E-learning: Imperial College Business School, London,UK
Insendi is an online learning platform that powers “The Hub”, Imperial College Business School’s online education offerings. They use Embedder on their platform to distribute course materials in times of remote learning during COVID-19. 

Burnet County, TX, Emergency Services Department
The Emergency Services department of Burnet County provides first responder and fire suppression services to Burnet County, which is just outside of Austin, TX. They leveraged the Embedder to share public records including audit reports, meeting minutes, policies, and procedures with the people they serve. 

Vitalité Health Network
Vitalité Health Network is a regional health provider network in New Brunswick, Canada, with dozens of hospitals and clinics across the province. To provide their patients and stakeholders with up-to-date guidelines and best practices, they created a document center using the Dropbox Embedder. By embedding several live Dropbox folders on their website, they can clearly communicate about topics ranging from COVID-19 prevention to the latest news on the pandemic.