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6 new ways Dropbox can help media teams streamline their workflows

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Published on July 17, 2019

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Media teams are among the most active Dropbox users in the world, creating and saving more than a billion files in 2017 alone. With the rise of HD, 4K and 8K video, online social video services, and podcasting, the need for faster, more efficient video and audio production workflows grows every year. 

That’s why we’re continually talking with our customers in advertising, broadcasting, marketing, publishing, and social media to better understand the ways they work, what they need, and how Dropbox can help. 

To continue supporting our customers’ needs, we developed new integrations with your favorite video, audio, and transcription tools. By allowing you to access Dropbox files without having to leave the application interface, these integrations help you save time, stay on the same page with your team, and finish projects faster.

Shoot, sync, cut, share

Dropbox is integrated natively into the Adobe Premiere Rush tool, so you can speed up your editing and post it to your social channels faster, whether you’re working on mobile, tablet, or desktop. 

After you shoot your content and upload it to Dropbox, your team can access and preview the clips on any device using Dropbox, and pull them into Premiere Rush. Within Rush’s media browser, you can import your audio and video content from Dropbox. Then you can either export and sync back to Dropbox or publish directly to YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook. 

Adobe Premiere Rush
Screenshot of Adobe Premiere Rush

"We're constantly looking for ways to give creatives everything they need to design and deliver exceptional digital experiences," said Sue Skidmore, head of partner relations for Adobe Video. "Our collaboration with Dropbox can enable our users to stay creative no matter where they are by making it possible for them to seamlessly shoot, edit and share their content online.”

Get transcriptions in real time

Typing out transcripts takes too much time. And it’s exactly the kind of “work about work” Dropbox wants to help reduce. Creative teams need to be able to upload an interview, video footage, or a recording of a meeting, and have it transcribed automatically. To help them stay focused on storytelling, we’re working on ways to automate the tedious tasks and boring chores. 

We worked with to develop an integration that simplifies your workflows and provides meeting recording and transcription, including speaker identification. 

When you connect Otter Voice Meeting Notes to Dropbox, any time you drop a video or audio file into the Otter app folder, it will be automatically transcribed and you will be alerted as soon as your transcription is ready. 

When you record or process an audio file in Otter for Teams Voice Meeting Notes, it automatically transcribes the conversation, detects speakers, and generates summary keywords with AI. Decisions made in the team meeting are instantly searchable, shareable with the team, and exportable to Dropbox as soon as the meeting is over.
Screenshot of user interface

Bring the transcript to your video editing

Production teams told us they could save valuable time if they could simply select audio or video files, interview and raw footage, and dailies stored in Dropbox, and quickly transcribe them to begin their video edit. We partnered with Simon Says to make it happen. The integration is built for industry standard audio and video editors, including Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe Audition. 

With Simon Says, you can transcribe your media files in 100 languages, bookmark and annotate the transcript, then export the XML directly to your editing timeline. When you’ve completed your edit, you can add captions and translate the subtitles.

Simon Says
Screenshot of Simon Says user interface

Quickly localize content for international distribution

Many of our media customers are international businesses that deliver content into different territories. With the new Eolementhe integration by Videomenthe, producers and broadcasters can quickly modify their content for international distribution.

Just select the finished content from Dropbox within Eolementhe, it will then automatically transcribe, translate, and create burnt-in captions and save the final file back into your Dropbox. You can even modify files to meet the delivery specifications for different broadcasters and studios.

Eolementhe integration by Videomenthe
Screenshot of the Eolementhe integration by Videomenthe

Find clips faster with AI search

For reporters and producers at broadcast companies and agencies, locating one particular shot in hours and hours of footage used to be like trying to find a needle in a haystack. But with our new integration with GrayMeta's Curio, you now have a range of AI tools to make the search easier.

Curio by GrayMeta
Screenshot of Curio user interface

Indexing content stored in your Dropbox folder, Curio gives you an intelligent interface for retrieving video, audio, and stills. Now you can find the precise point in the clip where an individual appears, then clip it, export it, and share it with customers, all without having to leave the Curio interface.

Store, search, and reuse your live video streams

Vidrovr’s customizable video search and archival service lets you capture live streaming video and integrate with your Dropbox video collections. This content is automatically tagged and indexed from your Dropbox, allowing you to automatically search, view and reuse material. 

The Vidrovr Clip Generator lets you clip up videos for sharing. Recommender tools analyze articles you’re writing, and proactively suggests complementary content from your video archive.

Screenshot of Vidrovr user interface

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