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Building a marketing campaign in the age of distributed work


Published on September 30, 2020

2020 has been full of change for everyone, especially in the way we all work. As a company whose mission is to design a more enlightened way of working, the past few months have been an opportunity to deliver products our customers can rely on during this uncertain time. So we wanted our new brand campaign to reflect the ways many of us have been adapting. Take a look:

“Audiences should walk away with a new understanding of Dropbox.” —Liz Armistead, Head of Brand Partnerships and Campaigns

The campaign recognizes that the lines between professional and personal lives are blurred more than ever before. Staying focused and being productive is difficult when there are more distractions. We wanted to show this in a relatable and holistic way, but also demonstrate that Dropbox can help you regain control of your workspace and work effectively with your team while remote. 

"We want people to know that we have a solution that allows them to work the way they want, while contributing to the work of their team," says Armistead.

Similar to the way our campaign video shows teams at work, our own teams had a very similar experience while putting it together. What was already a cross-functional project across Brand Marketing, Brand Studio, Product Marketing, and Digital Marketing, was made more challenging with the transition into fully distributed work. 

The teams had to manage a remote shoot for the first time and what would usually be in-person brainstorming and discussions were turned into countless Zoom meetings, Slack messages, and Paper doc comments. It was important to keep on top of all the communications that were coming through in order to get the video across the finish line on time.

The pandemic also dispersed all the teams involved across the country in three different time zones. Logistical planning became an added challenge in order to accommodate the various schedules.

“Despite all these challenges, the teams who pulled together this campaign are proud to deliver a video that we think is authentic to the current work climate,” says Dani Hussey, senior brand marketing manager. “We hope this campaign gives a glimpse into how Dropbox is providing a more frictionless work experience for everyone as we move into the future.”

You can find out more about our Teams@Work campaign here.