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Dropbox brand partners come together to create digital care packages


Published on May 12, 2020

It’s been a time of great instability for the entire world and as we’re all trying to adapt to the new reality, Dropbox asked musicians, chefs, artists, interior designers, and other creatives to help put together digital care packages for our community. 

Etienne Ma, a senior creative strategist, says he and the rest of his team were moved by what they saw online.

“We were inspired by the many grassroots efforts that were popping up across the internet in response to COVID-19—things like a ‘Mask Force’ assembling masks for medical workers, meme generators teaching us how to wash our hands, even virtual dance parties,” says Ma. “We saw things like teaching plans and designs for medical equipment already being shared through Dropbox and wondered how else we could be a vehicle to help people during this pandemic.”

The team received an overwhelming amount of support after reaching out to a long list of creators. Working with several other teams across Dropbox, they were able to turn their idea into reality—with more than 20 care packages.

These care packages include printable coloring books and games for kids by well-known illustrators, guided meditations from wellness gurus like Cristina Cuomo and Connect the Mind, recipes from chef Curtis Stone, lessons from musicians and dancers like Rileyy, Lecrae and Asher Angel, and more. Each package is housed in a Dropbox folder and shared with our collective global audiences, along with a short selfie video explaining what’s inside. 

“Whether they serve as fun moments of distraction or practical utilities for everyday life indoors, we hope the care packages bring a little relief to people stuck at home” says Ma. 

Michael Jeter is a creative director for the Brand Studio team. “Dropbox has always been a place where people share their most personal content, photos, videos, etc,” says Jeter. “So we’re hoping we can share some of the emotion of joy and love that comes with a traditional, physical care package through a digital version.”

You can check out, download, and share the digital care packages here.