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Dropbox launches new design website


Published on May 21, 2019

“We want to make the everyday extraordinary.” 

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Designers have always formed collaborative communities to share their knowledge and expertise. Our design team wants to do our part and contribute in an ongoing way to the vibrant collective of studios, schools, independent creatives, and in-house teams that inspire us.

Today, we’re happy to introduce our new and improved Dropbox design site, This new site brings product, interaction, visual, and motion design together as a whole, aiming to inspire, enrich, and spark dialogue among designers. 

“The design community has a natural inclination to share knowledge and foster empathy,” says Vice President of Design, Nicholas Jitkoff. “By building these connections, we cross company bounds and lift each other up in the process.”  

The new site will connect with the design community in three main ways. First, building on what we started with our design blog on Medium, we’ll be publishing articles on topics in product design, design research, creative culture, and more. Second, we’ll be publicizing and documenting our event series in New York and San Francisco. And third, we’ll be sharing open-source design tools and interactive culture kits we’ve developed that we hope will be useful and inspiring to designers and their teams.

“Community building is a cycle of continuous enrichment; you get out of it what you put into it,” says Michelle Morrison, Design program manager. “When we’re generous with our community, we all grow as a result.”

We also wanted to highlight diverse and multi-disciplinary creators. The artwork for the site are the result of collaborations between dozens of artists across the US and Canada, each bringing their own individualized perspective, expertise, and creative strengths. “Working with artists and photographers from diverse backgrounds and unique styles we transform simple compositions into visual metaphor,” says Brand Studio illustrator Gabrielle Matte. “We want to make the everyday extraordinary.” 

As a voice in the design community, we hope our contributions will inspire conversation, help us learn from each other, and challenge us to evolve the way we work in this fast-changing world.