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Published on October 25, 2022

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Distributed work is here to stay, and people and teams across continents and time zones need to be more connected than ever. In this new reality, we spend more time working in our virtual screens than in a physical office. But unfortunately, our digital tools haven’t kept up. Knowledge workers are still facing challenges around fragmented workflows and how to better engage with colleagues who aren’t in the same room.

Research shows that businesses today use an average of 89 apps to get work done and that people are relying even more on video to communicate and educate. In fact, video meetings have increased 50% since 2020. It’s no wonder it’s a struggle for our customers to focus and work efficiently while moving between virtual meetings and an overwhelming number of platforms, apps, and tabs.

At Dropbox, we believe modern work tools should bring together content and workflows to take away the friction of our day-to-day tasks and help people feel connected, no matter where they are in the world. That’s why we’re launching enhancements to some of our most essential workflow and video communication tools—Dropbox Capture, HelloSign, and Dropbox DocSend—so our customers can stay connected and easily move work forward, all from Dropbox.

Save time communicating across time zones with Dropbox Capture

For many, remote work means countless hours of video meetings, constant chat messages, and long emails. We designed Dropbox Capture, which launched in beta last year, to help alleviate these communication hurdles and make it easier for people across time zones to communicate asynchronously with engaging video messages.

Starting today, Capture is available across all Dropbox plans.* With Professional, Standard, Advanced, and Enterprise plans, you can record videos in 4K up to your storage limit and edit videos of any length. With Basic, Plus, and Family plans, you get up to two hours of recording time at 1080p and editing for videos under five minutes. Capture’s simple and easy-to-use interface has helped team members easily communicate as they present work, provide feedback, and share how-to and training videos. 

Since we first announced Capture last year, we’ve added a variety of features to support our customers’ needs, like video trimming, transcribing, commenting, improved screenshot markup, and the ability to track who’s viewed videos and attach hyperlinks to your captures. You can also organize captures into collections to create a knowledge base of content at scale, like onboarding resources or guides, that can be easily accessed and shared with teammates.

"With Capture, I can give quick feedback with recordings, which is very helpful and saves a lot of time. It's easier to get down my thoughts, and people can view them as many times as they need.” — Jonathan Pleska, CEO, Geared Agency

For more information on Capture, visit

Dropbox Capture
Animation showing how to share a Dropbox Capture link

Automate workflows with Dropbox Sign, Dropbox Forms, and Dropbox Fax

Since bringing HelloSign into the Dropbox family, we’ve seen the value that it offers to our customers, whether it’s eSignatures, mobile and web forms, APIs or online fax. We want to modernize the way people work and digitize tasks that were traditionally reserved for pen and paper to help our customers succeed in today’s virtual world. Today, we’re reintroducing HelloSign as Dropbox Sign to make it easier for people and teams to use the full suite of tools that Dropbox offers. HelloSign API, HelloWorks, and HelloFax are also changing their names to Dropbox Sign API, Dropbox Forms, and Dropbox Fax.

All Dropbox Sign plans, including the free plan, will offer unlimited self-signing, so customers can sign as many documents as needed. Dropbox Forms will also be included in Dropbox Sign plans (Standard and Premium) and offer 50 free Forms transactions per month to help automate manual processes.

"I am excited for HelloSign to become Dropbox Sign. This rebranding will demonstrate to clients and potential clients that the systems are truly integrated and work beautifully together. Our business wouldn't be the same without Dropbox and Dropbox Sign, and we know these products will bring value to other small businesses as well!" — Christina Hageny, Valor Payroll Solutions

Dropbox Sign will continue meeting people and teams where they work by integrating with key solutions that make agreement workflows more seamless. Partners like Greenhouse, Ironclad, and Freshworks (coming soon), are already leveraging Dropbox Sign’s best-in-class API to customize and integrate a native eSignature experience directly into their platforms.

“We've been proud to partner with HelloSign for many years now, and are excited to be a part of the journey as they finalize their transition to becoming Dropbox Sign. At Ironclad, we work to deliver the most impactful integrations and partnerships for our customers, and Dropbox Sign helps our users speed up time to signature, eliminate busywork, and ensure the highest levels of security throughout the process." — Amy Guarino, VP, Ecosystem at Ironclad

The new names will be introduced across all platforms today. For more information on Dropbox Sign, Dropbox Forms, and Dropbox Fax plans, visit or see the FAQ at

Dropbox Sign
Animation of Dropbox Sign

Leverage user insights with DocSend’s Advanced Video Analytics

Advanced video analytics has been one of the most requested features among DocSend customers, and we’re making it available today. DocSend users can easily share videos and access insightful analytics, like playback completion rate, time watched, and geo-tagging information, along with insights into individual viewer data. These analytics let you focus on what matters most: building strong relationships and making smarter business decisions without the friction and frustration of switching between separate platforms.

“It doesn’t feel professional to share a video as just a link to a file. I want to share a premium viewing experience, the look and feel of a streaming service, but with my own brand.” — Darci Kendall, Hodde Bros Beverage Co. 

Now, advanced video analytics, such as an engagement graph, performance graph, and video engagement settings, are also available to DocSend users on Standard, Advanced, and Enterprise plans. To learn more, visit

To help make workflows even more seamless, Capture will also be incorporated into DocSend later this fall. That way, you can can add a more personalized touch to client interactions by recording and hosting a video message all from one place.

DocSend Advanced Video Analytics
UI screenshot showing DocSend Advanced Video Analytics

We‘re making it even easier for you to do more than store files by integrating the functionality you need every day to do your best work—all from Dropbox.

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[*]Dropbox Capture is currently supported in English, German, Spanish, French, Japanese and Portuguese with additional languages coming soon.