New automated features to keep files organized and easy to find


Published on November 18, 2021

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As digital content has spread across devices, apps, and accounts, managing and finding the files you need when you need them has become increasingly difficult and time consuming. The problem becomes even more complex as the lines between our personal and professional lives are blurred.

Our users have told us they need better ways to manage this digital chaos. We’ve been focused on helping them organize their content so they can take action quickly. So, earlier this month, we introduced new automated features to make it easier for teams to do just that. Today, we’re excited to bring these features to users across Dropbox Basic, Plus, Pro and Family plans.

Animation showing automated features in Dropbox
  • Automated folders. Stay organized by creating folders and automating specific tasks like naming, sorting, tagging, or converting files. Every time a file is added to an automated folder, the designated action occurs. [Tagging is available only with the Dropbox Professional plan.]
  • Automated dashboard. A new centralized dashboard makes it easy to create and maintain automated folders.
  • Multi-file organize. Categorize and sort multiple files at the same time based on dates, keywords, or level of file activity. Preview and verify updates before files are moved. 
  • Naming conventions. Users can quickly update filenames according to the naming format they choose—all at once.
Screenshot showing naming conventions in Dropbox

A streamlined way to view and access content

We’ve been simplifying the Dropbox experience with new features and design updates to make it easier to view and access all your content, tools, and workflows. This includes streamlining the desktop experience and making improvements to Dropbox in File Explorer (Windows), macOs Finder, taskbar (Windows) and menu bar (Mac). You can also view, save, share, and access files from, and the latest iOS and Android apps.

For more information on our new features, check out our product updates page. To learn more about the desktop app on Windows or macOS, visit the Help Center.