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Streamline video reviews and approvals with Dropbox Replay—now available globally


Published on April 25, 2023

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Over the past few years, video became an integral part of our daily lives. Research shows that the average number of online video hours watched grew from 10.5 hours per week in 2018 to 19 in 2022. Even at Dropbox, video is one of the fastest-growing content types on our platform. 

For many freelancers and small teams who regularly work with video, organizing and managing all the feedback and approvals from coworkers and clients dispersed across time zones can be a time-consuming chore. While sharing video content via Dropbox is easy, many professionals tell us they struggle to gather feedback asynchronously on their video projects.

In response to customer feedback, we’re adding new features to alleviate this pain point and releasing Dropbox Replay to general availability today. With Replay, you can fast-track video, image, and audio review and approvals—all in one place. Its patented live review feature lets collaborators watch a video simultaneously and see markups and comments in real time, so teams feel more connected, wherever they are.

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By enabling you to comment on a specific frame or time range and organize all versions of your assets in one place, Replay centralizes creative reviews while keeping your team and clients aligned throughout the process.

During the Beta stage, customers told us Replay helped them work more efficiently and deliver media projects faster. In fact, 7 in 10 Replay users who achieved a faster workflow said they reduced video project time by one day a week or more.*

“We use Replay for our content that requires lots of feedback and iterations, like campaigns with our players and commercial marketing materials. When you get down to the evil deadlines that rule our lives, it’s nice to get everyone together and share our feedback in one place.” - Rachel Jedwood, Production Officer at National Rugby League

In addition to features like joining live reviews and commenting on a time stamp or range, all Dropbox plans will now have access to new Replay features, including:

  • Pinned comments: Pin comments as a bookmark for quick access with the ability to add pre-populated or custom labels
  • Filtered comments: Filter comments by commenter name or label

Those on Plus, Pro, Standard, and Advanced plans who are looking for a more premium experience can access the full suite of Replay features at $10 per month (for annual subscribers) or $12 per month (for monthly subscribers). If you choose to purchase the premium experience, you can upload as many files as your plan allows and will gain access to new additional features, such as:

  • Video transcriptions & captions: View auto-generated transcriptions and closed captions for videos
  • Deadlines: Set deadlines for collaborators to give feedback 
  • Archive to Dropbox: Archive a finished project to Dropbox

Replay also integrates with popular video editing tools, such as Adobe Premiere Pro, Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve, LumaFusion, WeVideo, and Apple Final Cut Pro (coming soon), to seamlessly provide and action on feedback.

“Since the pandemic, I’ve seen how the creative industry continues to adapt to today’s new working models around video collaboration. Reducing the amount of time spent switching between editing and review tools is key to delivering projects to clients sooner. That’s why we’re excited to expand access to quality collaboration tools for video creators around the world through our Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve integration with Dropbox Replay.” - Dan May, President at Blackmagic Design

We’re committed to delivering solutions that streamline your workflows and help you do your best work quickly—right from Dropbox.

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*Based on a 2021 Dropbox research survey of registered Dropbox users who have used Dropbox Replay