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Simplify data migration with new add-on for Dropbox Business


Published on July 14, 2020

Not long after the sudden shift to a remote workforce, IT leaders began to realize how unprepared they were for managing distributed teams and disparate file storage solutions.

Legacy systems and disconnected tools were exposed as hindrances to workflows and collaboration. With organizations across industries now rethinking the way they do business, large-scale operational shifts are now at the forefront of to-do lists. Organizations are now looking for a secure platform to store their files and foster remote collaboration from one organized place—and many of those organizations are turning to Dropbox. To help ease the transition and simplify the migration process, we’re launching the Cloud FastPath Data Migration add-on to help organizations automate and expedite moving their teams to Dropbox Business.

Automate and expedite migrations

Migrating large volumes of data can be a tedious process. With this add-on, we’ve created a frictionless experience that lets you stay in control every step of the way. Efficient migration means minimal downtime—with WAN optimization, parallel loading, and Dropbox API call optimization, your content will move to Dropbox while seamlessly preserving user and group permissions. You can automatically map permissions, ownership, and directory structure from on-premises and cloud systems to transfer the right levels of access and file structures to Dropbox. And without bottlenecks and slowdowns, cloud-to-cloud migrations are even more optimized.

Stay on top of the migration progress

Balancing security and access is a constant struggle. With the Cloud FastPath Data Migration add-on, you can analyze file server and cloud content and associated permissions based on file age, type, last modified, size, owner, and more to gain insight into data mapping pre-migration. You can even monitor file transfer jobs with real-time reporting, visualization, and event logging. And once your data has migrated, you can have peace of mind by validating migration success with comprehensive and downloadable transfer reports. We’re proud to bring you a solution that helps you empower your distributed workforce and check off more items on your WFH to-do list.

Keep work moving forward with even more tools

The Cloud FastPath Data Migration solution is just one of several add-ons to help you better manage your work and secure company data:

For more information about the data migration add-on, visit our Cloud FastPath Data Migration page.