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How three Dropbox Business partners help simplify team collaboration


Published on December 11, 2017

The best collaboration tools not only keep everyone on the same page, but are also so easy to use, your team hardly has to think about them.

With this in mind, Dropbox Business has partnered with top software providers to make collaborating as simple as possible. Here are three examples of how Dropbox Business integrates with popular platforms to make working together even easier.

Use Dropbox to keep files up to date in Trello

Trello is a simple project management platform used by a variety of teams, from sales to engineering to marketing. Teams can drag and drop cards to get a visual overview of current projects, and change priority or task owners on the fly. And with a Dropbox Business power-up, managing files and folders within Trello is just as easy.

Team members can add Dropbox files to specific tasks without leaving Trello. If teams need to update permissions or make changes in a doc, Dropbox makes sure your files stay up to date, so team members will always see the same file with the right collaborators. Plus, having your Dropbox files and folders directly in Trello means your team can complete tasks from one centralized location, rather than jumping between multiple tools.

Make file sharing a snap by integrating Dropbox and Workplace

Workplace by Facebook lets you connect your entire organization in a single collaboration platform. It’s a great way to get everyone on the same page, track projects, and keep conversations organized. And when your team integrates Workplace with Dropbox Business, you get great new tools for sharing and managing files.

With the integration, your team can upload, edit, preview, and share Dropbox files directly from Workplace. Sharing very large files is easy with Dropbox links. And you don’t have to worry about versioning issues, because Dropbox keeps everything up to date. Dropbox also lets you control viewer permissions for files shared in Workplace, so you can make sure only the right people have access.

Keep tasks current with a Dropbox-Jira Software Cloud integration

Jira Software is the No. 1 software development tool used by agile teams. It provides a single tool for planning software releases, tracking issues, and fixing bugs. Dropbox Business integrates with Jira to make collaborating even easier.

The joint solution lets you attach any Dropbox file to a Jira task—such as a planning document or bug screenshot. Because the file is saved in Dropbox, it will stay up to date, even if someone makes updates halfway through the project. The means your team can spend more time collaborating on projects, and less time searching for the right version of a supporting doc or image.

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