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Introducing enhancements for easier, more powerful search


Published on March 26, 2019

As you and the people you work with store and share more files, finding what you need becomes more difficult. Even if all your important work is on Dropbox, it can still get scattered across any number of folders you’ve created or had shared with you. Finding a file on Dropbox often meant jumping from your desktop over to to search through everything in your account. Today, we’re fixing that and more, with improvements to make searching through your Dropbox account easier and more powerful.

Get work done more easily

Phones and tablets might be central to our day-to-day routines, but desktop and laptop computers still play a big part in our working lives. So we’re bringing more of the functionality that was previously only available through our web and mobile apps to Dropbox on your computer. You know the little Dropbox icon that sits in the Windows system tray and macOS menu bar? Now, on top of sync and file change updates, you can search through your Dropbox by clicking the icon.

The best part is that you’ll see more than just the files synced to your computer. You’ll see everything in your Dropbox account, even Paper docs and files you’ve chosen not to download through our selective sync feature. If you’re on Dropbox Professional or Business, we’ll search the text within your files like documents, spreadsheets, presentations. We’ll even provide results from images and PDFs for users that have access to our automatic image text recognition feature.

Power up searches

We’re also rolling out improvements to make search on more powerful:

  • File type filtering. Refine search results by one of 10 types, like images, documents, or PDFs—and zero in on the files you need.
  • Advanced sorting. Coming soon, you'll be able to sort search results by date modified and find your most recently edited files.
  • Speed improvements. We’ve spent the past year optimizing search, so results on now load 65% faster.


These new desktop app and search enhancements are available now. Want to get the most out of them? Download our desktop app for Windows and Mac.