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New network control capabilities help admins protect company data


Published on December 13, 2016

When data flows, so does innovation. For admins in charge of guarding company data, though, the challenges can be daunting. As security threats become more fluid and harder to identify, risks can come from intentional attacks or accidents caused by user confusion. To guard against those risks, admins now need control over the flow of data itself.

To address this challenge, some choose to block access to all data-sharing services—but this can take a heavy toll on productivity. That’s why Dropbox created a new network control feature that allows admins to control access to the corporate network while their teams collaborate and share data. This provides more visibility and control over information coming into and out of their companies.

We want to make it easier for enterprise employees to keep collaborating inside and outside the walls of their company. So, we’ve partnered with market-leading security providers including Barracuda Networks, Netskope, Skyhigh Networks, and Symantec to do just that. With these expanded partner capabilities, Dropbox network control is interoperable with network security providers and solutions.

Network control is just one of many partner-supported features designed to help IT protect confidential information through every stage of its lifecycle, wherever it travels. Integrations with solutions like Symantec’s Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and CloudSOC Cloud Access Security Broker are making Dropbox more secure for the enterprise.

“As part of our joint efforts with Dropbox, we can provide customers peace of mind that their stored data in the cloud is safe from accidental loss or theft. And, we’re able to offer CIOs more visibility and control across their corporate networks and enhance the overall collaboration and security experience.”
—Peter Doggart, Vice President of Business Development at Symantec

By integrating with a broad ecosystem of security partners, we’re giving our Enterprise customers more power to manage the way company information is accessed and shared. This new set of capabilities focused on network control interoperability is part of our ongoing effort to empower innovation by ensuring data security.

To learn how we can put them to work for you, check out Dropbox Enterprise.