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New tools help you declutter your digital life


Published on August 12, 2020

Update (October 21, 2020): Dropbox Vault is now available to all Dropbox Professional subscribers. Get started at

Now that most of us are working, working out, and doing pretty much everything from home, lots of people are using the extra time to declutter their closets, pantries, and garages—but what about your digital life? Dropbox Passwords, Dropbox Vault, and computer backup were all built to keep your accounts and files organized in one place. We recently launched these new enhancements in beta and now they’re included in all Dropbox Plus plans. 

Passwords saves account details across devices

No one likes getting locked out of their accounts and having to reset their passwords on all their devices. Our password manager saves your passwords and autofills them so you can instantly sign in to the websites and apps you use every day. With Passwords, you can sign in from anywhere with apps for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android—passwords from your desktop will automatically sync to your mobile device. You can easily access your favorite news, binge watching, and shopping sites with just a few clicks. Passwords secures your credentials with zero-knowledge encryption, so your passwords are protected and only accessible by you. Passwords is also available on Dropbox Professional.

Secure and organize sensitive documents with Vault

Whether you’re submitting your Social Security card for a new job, compiling documents to buy a new house, or organizing bank statements to balance your budget, scrambling to find important files is exhausting. Vault helps you secure and organize your most sensitive documents in one central place for easy access. Using a PIN for secure access, Vault provides an extra layer of security for all your important personal files like pay stubs, medical ID cards, passports, and tax documents. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that you can designate trusted friends or family members who can access your files from any device in an emergency.  

Computer backup syncs folders on your PC or Mac to Dropbox  

Unboxing a new device can be exciting, but moving important files from the old device to the new one can feel like a chore. With computer backup, your files are safe and you don’t have to worry about backing them up manually. Once you turn on the computer backup feature, you can automatically back up folders on your PC or Mac, including your Desktop, Downloads, and Documents, directly into your Dropbox folder. Your files and folders are continuously synced between the cloud and your hard drive and accessible from anywhere—no matter what happens to your computer. You can even access multiple PC and Mac backups in one centralized place so you can stay organized. Computer backup is also available on Professional and Dropbox Basic.

We created these new features to help you keep your digital life organized and accessible—without the clutter. We hope these tools help make life just a little bit easier so you can get more out of your Plus plan. 

Update (October 21, 2020): Dropbox Vault is now available to all Dropbox Professional subscribers. Get started at