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Get the most out of Dropbox at work with Pro or Teams


Published on November 14, 2012

We love the fact that organizations like Fenix International use Dropbox at work to back-up their data and share important information easily across the world. If you’re deciding between Dropbox Pro and Dropbox for Teams and wondering which option would better suit your needs, here are some helpful tips:

If you work independently, or are part of a small business under 5 people and only need up to 500 GB of space, then Dropbox Pro may be the right solution for you. We’ve heard stories about photographers using their Dropbox Pro accounts to send albums of wedding pictures to newly married couples, and writers using shared folders to keep their editors up to date. Pro accounts come with options of 100GB, 200GB, or 500GB of storage, so you can share, edit, and collaborate to your heart’s content!


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If your team is larger, and you begin to find that you’d like more administrative features, an easier way to pay, and a dedicated account manager, Dropbox for Teams is the right choice. In addition to what you can already do on Dropbox, Teams offers:

  • As much storage as you need. Dropbox for Teams gives you unlimited storage! Accounts start with a default of 200GB per license, but there’s no charge for additional space. Teams accounts have pooled storage quotas, so you never have to worry about using up each person’s individual quota with shared folders.
  • Centralized billing. Finance will thank you! Instead of billing multiple accounts or having people expense their individual accounts, simplify your accounting and deal with just one bill.
  • Administrative features. Team admins can remove team members by disabling accounts, and can also see who on their team has turned on two-step verification for added security. We’ll be continuing to roll out new admin features as well.

Once you’ve decided that Dropbox for Teams is right for you, getting started is a snap. As an admin of a Teams account, you can add people to Dropbox by clicking the ‘Team’ link and inviting new members.  And if people from your team are already Dropbox Pro subscribers, they can easily convert their existing accounts and keep their existing files intact. The balance they have remaining on their accounts will be applied to the Teams subscription.

Keep in mind that no matter which type of Dropbox account you choose, you can always share with people outside of your team through a shared folder or link. So, whether you go with Pro or Teams, you can count on Dropbox to help your team work better, faster, and together!