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Automating eDiscovery in the cloud: Dropbox + Guidance Software


Published on February 05, 2015

Much like disaster preparedness or crisis communications plans, legal protection is a necessary part of business you hope you never have to use. If legal action is ever taken against your company, it’s important to respond quickly and thoroughly to any eDiscovery requests that may come your way.

These days eDiscovery is a bit more complex, though, because electronically stored information (ESI) isn’t just limited to email and file servers. Your company probably stores data in the cloud as well, which can complicate things a bit. When you have company information scattered across many different accounts, it can be more than a little challenging to search for and collect data to meet eDiscovery and legal hold requirements — and not to mention, deadlines.

That’s where the integration between Dropbox for Business and EnCase® eDiscovery by Guidance Software can come in handy. Built on the Dropbox for Business API, the integration (available soon) gives admins centralized access to data from all your Dropbox for Business user accounts. If your company ever becomes involved in litigation, arbitration, or a regulatory investigation, you can easily collect and preserve relevant ESI stored in Dropbox for Business accounts based on criteria you set.

Want to learn more about the Dropbox for Business and EnCase® eDiscovery integration? Join us on Wednesday, February 11 at 11am PT (2pm ET) for a live webinar hosted by Guidance Software on how to collect, preserve, and defend ESI in the cloud. Register here!