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3 ways to make your workflows work for you


Published on May 02, 2017

Productivity is a holy grail of the workplace. But when your files are scattered across devices, and team members are working from various locations, being productive can feel like an impossible feat. If you’re spending more time thinking about work than actually doing it, your workflows probably need some help.

Almost everything that happens in a workday is part of a business process or workflow. Often, these processes are manual, repetitive, and slow. But when workflows are automated, they’re not just faster, they can actually drive productivity. They should be made up of apps and tools that are:

  • Easy to find, so your employees don’t waste time searching for what they need
  • Connected, so switching between tasks isn’t a task in itself
  • Non-disruptive, so your employees can continue using solutions they know and love

Otherwise, your teams have to spend too much time thinking about using the tools, instead of actually using them. But when workflows integrate with the technology you use, and when they connect employees with each other and the content they need, they help keep projects on track, drive efficiency, and improve business performance.

Top-performing businesses are 95% more likely to have a solution that helps to execute workflows, provide content when needed, and link people, processes, and technology, according to the Aberdeen Group.

Dropbox Business integrates with Nintex Workflow Cloud to do just that: connect people, applications, and content to streamline content creation and review cycles. That saves valuable time and helps your team get more work done.

Here are three ways you can leverage Dropbox’s partnership with Nintex to improve your workflows and productivity:

  1. Skip the code. You don’t have to bother IT with coding conundrums every time you need to automate a workflow. With Nintex Workflow Cloud, you can use clicks, not code, automate your workflows and instantly connect them to Dropbox Business. Imagine being able to design and build repeatable, automated workflows without relying on developers—this approach is a hallmark of best-in-class organizations, Aberdeen found.
  2. Keep an eye on progress. Wondering if your team’s tracking toward their goals? Nintex Workflow Cloud works in conjunction with business-driven workflow analytics and process intelligence in Nintex Hawkeye to help you fine-tune and optimize your workflows. Enterprises with business-driven workflows can update and improve them much more easily than enterprises without business-driven workflows, according to Aberdeen.
  3. Connect to your clouds. In today’s cloud-centric workplace, integration across platforms, applications, and content is what makes your business run like a well-oiled machine. Nintex Workflow Cloud includes a wide range of connectors to leading solutions like Dropbox Business, so you can quickly automate processes that reach across the organization and get projects done faster and more efficiently.

Businesses that automate their workflows in the cloud are poised for big growth. One example is Merx, an independent consulting company based in Singapore, which says it achieves a broad range of powerful business benefits by using Nintex solutions.

“By streamlining and automating processes with Nintex, we can train staff in new markets far more quickly, impress potential clients, speed business development, become more efficient in project delivery, and get projects done faster,” says Will Forwood, managing director at Merx. “We can also manage remote offices more effectively and be sure processes are being followed.”1

By using cloud technology to automate processes that drive your business forward, you’ll maximize productivity and efficiency for long-term success. To learn how to integrate your apps to improve your workflows, download our eBook, Better Together.

Nintex case study, “Merx Builds its Business, as well as its Clients’ Projects, with Nintex”, 2016