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Better manage complex teams with multi-team admin feature


Published on February 28, 2019

Update (March 27, 2019): The multi-team admin feature is now available to all Dropbox Business teams. Any Dropbox Business admin can grant access to a Dropbox Enterprise admin. To try it out, visit the admin console.

Animated screenshot showing Dropbox time-based comments feature

We built Dropbox Business to help teams stay organized and keep their work flowing. As many of our customers’ businesses have grown, though, they’ve told us that they need to support and manage more complex team structures. So we’ve begun building tools that give complex organizations using Dropbox Business the sophisticated, centralized controls they need. As a first step, we’re introducing multi-team admin, a new feature that lets admins more easily understand and manage multiple Dropbox Business teams. 

Screenshot of dialog box for sending a multi-team admin request

For a small startup, where everyone’s pitching in on shared responsibilities, it’s only natural to manage the company as a single team in Dropbox. But as they grow, individual departments can become full-fledged organizations unto themselves. In these situations, it’s more practical to manage each as a separate, but related, team. At the same time, it’s important to have safeguards that allow the company to know what’s happening in each. It’s a reality we’ve heard from our customers, and one that we’re helping address with the multi-team admin feature.

This new feature lets you give admin privileges for your Dropbox Business team to people outside the team. For instance, say your company’s Sales, Marketing, and Finance teams each sets up a Dropbox Business account for their respective department. The admin for each can grant admin rights to a central company IT team, who can then track activity across all three Business accounts. These multi-team admins can also adjust settings for any of the individual accounts.

Screenshot of window showing trusted teams in Dropbox Business admin console

The multi-team admin feature simplifies what can be a complex responsibility. Once granted access to additional teams, admins can jump back and forth between all the accounts they manage—without having to sign in and out repeatedly. And that makes expanding and managing Dropbox Business deployments easier, by giving your company visibility without forfeiting the autonomy that individual team admins need.

The multi-team admin feature is available today for Dropbox Business customers through our early access program. Once activated, they can grant access to Dropbox Enterprise admins. To try it out, visit the admin console.