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ITDMs weigh in on workplace trends


Published on April 19, 2018

Today’s workplace is in constant state of flux. As technology and company cultures evolve, so do the expectations placed on IT decision makers (ITDMs). They’re responsible for finding and implementing cutting-edge technology, keeping company data secure and employee workflows unobstructed. So, who better to give us the pulse of the workplace than ITDMs?

Dropbox Business partnered with CITE research to conduct an independent study of 1,000 IT decision makers. The Landscape of IT Decision Makers Study was commissioned to gain meaningful insights around current workplace trends. Here are some key takeaways around security and the mobile workforce:

A majority (69%) say they could benefit from stronger security measures.
  • Security remains a top priority for ITDMs
    73% of ITDMs have experienced security issues, with data loss as the most commonly reported issue. Antivirus software is the predominant way (66%) ITDMs protect company files.
  • ITDMs are (somewhat) confident about the state of security
    The majority of ITDMs feel like their organization is prepared to recover data (81%), respond to a breach (79%), block threats (76%), and protect data (74%). Yet, 69% say they could benefit from stronger security measures.
More than half (56%) see increased employee satisfaction from BYOD policies.
  • The mobile workforce is on the rise
    According to our study, almost half of ITDMs say that 25% or less of their employees work remotely the majority of the time. Over 60% believe this number will increase over the next year.
  • BYOD (Bring your own device) powers the mobile workforce
    59% of organizations allow for employees to use their own phones to access privileged information, while 51% allow personal laptops to do so. More than half of ITDMs notice a 56% increase in employee satisfaction due to BYOD policies.


Download the full report, The Landscape of IT Decision Makers Study, for these and additional insights. Learn more about how ITDMs are feeling about the mobile workforce, the state of security, as well as their sentiments on researching new technology and the future of cloud adoption.