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New Dropbox Extensions help you bring more of your work together


Published on October 31, 2019

With new apps and services popping up by the minute, finding the right tool for the job is getting easier and easier. But with the typical knowledge worker using 35 apps, we often face scattered content, an avalanche of notifications, and teams struggling to coordinate work.

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These common problems are something we've taken on with the new Dropbox. We're working to connect all your tools in one place, and today we're moving closer to that goal with improvements to Dropbox Extensions.

We introduced Extensions late last year to cut down on constant app switching by letting you take action on files stored in Dropbox. And today, we're doubling the number of available Extensions with 12 new and updated partner apps. With these new Extensions, you'll be able to:

  • Add files to messages. Easily send work to Gmail (launched earlier this year), Workplace by Facebook, Microsoft Teams, Outlook, WhatsApp, and Line Works.
  • Capture feedback and distribute videos. Use Vimeo to streamline your feedback workflow and distribute videos.
  • Edit and publish videos. Use Clipchamp or WeVideo to edit, create, and publish videos.
  • Create designs. Bring media files into Canva to design and create anything, and save finished work back to Dropbox.
  • Submit expenses. Simplify expense tracking by sending scanned receipts directly to FreshBooks.
  • Manage document workflows. Track file interactions with DocSend, and sign and notarize documents with Notarize.

You can use these and other Extensions to quickly complete tasks with your favorite tools from both the new Dropbox desktop app and And when you select a file in the desktop app, we'll show Extensions you can use to edit, share, and take other actions on the file in partner apps.

These Extensions enhancements are available on all Dropbox plans today. Try them out in the new desktop app and, or learn about free exclusive offers from our partners on our Extensions page. And stay tuned—we'll be opening the Extensions platform to even more partner apps and rolling out support for additional languages in 2020.

Update (October 31, 2019): Revised to clarify number of new and updated apps, and to call out launch of Gmail Extension earlier this year.