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Simplify file delivery with Dropbox Transfer for Adobe Creative Cloud


Published on October 20, 2020

Update (November 8, 2021): After December 1, 2021, the option to send Dropbox file transfers from within Adobe Creative Cloud apps will no longer be available. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at support@dropbox.com.

If you’re a designer, photographer, videographer, or another type of creative pro, we’re guessing the most exciting part about your job is, well, creating. Shuffling files around, on the other hand, is likely among your least favorite things to do.

We’re always looking to take some of that pesky file jockeying out of your work. So we’ve collaborated with Adobe to launch Dropbox Transfer for Adobe Creative Cloud to streamline the way you deliver final projects.

For years, Adobe’s apps have served as the gold standards for work like photo retouching, illustration, and web design. A staggering 90% of creative professionals worldwide use Photoshop. And we see it on our side: In the past 12 months, Dropbox users have stored over 64 billion PDFs, 1.8 billion Photoshop files, and 2.4 billion Illustrator files.

“We’re always looking for ways to give creative professionals all of the tools they need to bring their digital creations to life and get work done,” said Vijay Vachani, Senior Director of Product Management and Partner Ecosystem for Adobe Creative Cloud. “Through an integration on our extensibility platform, Dropbox is enabling seamless file delivery, so users can share their final work using Dropbox Transfer right from Creative Cloud apps, starting with Photoshop.”

With this new integration, you can easily and securely deliver final files to clients and vendors right from the Adobe apps you use to create them. Once you install it from the Creative Cloud desktop app, you’ll see a new Dropbox Transfer item in the Plugins menu—starting with Adobe Photoshop today, with support for more apps coming soon. From there, you can package and send your file with just a few clicks. Pick an expiration date, password, and file format options, and we’ll give you a link—all inside Photoshop And anyone can access the link, whether they have a Dropbox account or not.

Just like with any other files you deliver using Transfer, you can package up to 100 GB per transfer. You won’t use up your Dropbox storage, and recipients will get files just as you sent them. Even if you add internal-only notes after the fact, they won’t show up in recipients’ copies. You can even give your work the personal touch by customizing your transfers with a logo and background. Add to that the ability to confirm receipt by tracking views and downloads, and Transfer is the perfect way to put a ribbon on completed work.

Along with our recently introduced Creative Tools Add-on, the new Adobe integration helps make Dropbox the best place to keep creative work moving. And they’re just a taste of the projects we’re working on together to streamline work for creatives.

We’ll be rolling out Dropbox Transfer for Creative Cloud starting today with Photoshop. You can install it now by visiting our App Center. We’ve also put together this demo video to show the integration in action:

Dropbox Transfer file page shown after being sent directly from Adobe Photoshop

Please note: Feature availability and size limit of your transfer depends on your Dropbox plan. Please visit our Help Center for more information.