Graphic showing "ROI Summary for Dropbox Business in Supporting Collaboration | 5 Year ROI: 802% | Discounted Benefits Over 5 Years per 100 Users: $684K | Payback Period: 2 Months | Average Annual Time Savings per 100 Users by Collaboration Group | With Customers: 1,424 hours | With Suppliers / Vendors: 1,019 hours | With Contingent Workforce: 279 hours

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Increasing ROI through better collaboration


Published on October 26, 2016

With business growing more and more global, modern work is increasingly collaborative. Because of this, better collaboration tools can help employees transform their businesses. By combining a large sharing network and ease of use, Dropbox Business is providing a faster and more seamless way to collaborate. To better understand the effect of improved collaboration, we had IDC quantify the ROI several of our customers realized by deploying Dropbox.

The study1 shows that using Dropbox Business earns these organizations discounted business benefits worth $684,600 per 100 Dropbox Business users over five years. This, in turn, results in an average five-year return on investment (ROI) of 802%, by:

  • Enabling more efficient collaboration with customers, suppliers, and contingent employees, resulting in time savings and higher productivity
  • Improving the productivity of employees who generate revenue, including sales staff
  • Generating better business outcomes and operational efficiencies
  • Reducing the amount of IT staff time needed to support collaboration due to its ease of use, limiting time spent on file management, and moving some administrative responsibilities to non-IT staff

Collaboration is part of a bigger story. Listen to Jonas Laucys, Value Management Lead for Dropbox Business, discuss how Dropbox creates value for our customers’ business and IT teams.

These improvements in collaboration, productivity, infrastructure, and management save our customers time and money each year. To see how these benefits can have an impact on your business, check out our ROI calculator.

1IDC White Paper, sponsored by Dropbox, “The Business value of Dropbox Business in supporting collaboration”, January 2016.