Make your password stronger with two-step verification

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Make your password stronger with two-step verification


Published on September 10, 2014

Keeping your stuff safe is as important to us as it is to you. That’s why we’re constantly working behind the scenes to make sure Dropbox stores your stuff securely. It’s also why we’ve built a number of security features you can use to protect your data further. One long-time favorite of many of our users adds an extra layer of protection, and it only takes a couple minutes to set up: two-step verification.

With two-step verification, you'll need both your password and your phone to gain access to your Dropbox. Any time you try to sign in from a new computer, phone, or tablet, you’ll get a unique six-digit code via text message or through a mobile app. You’ll have to enter both your password and this code before you can access your Dropbox.

Activating two-step verification is easy — just follow the instructions here. If you’re a Dropbox for Business admin, you can track which team members are using two-step verification, and require that it stay enabled once team members have activated it. You can even use two-step verification in conjunction with single sign-on (SSO). And if you have a few stragglers, you can easily send them a gentle reminder to activate two-step from the Authentication section in the Admin Console.

Sharing is an important part of how people use Dropbox, but that means your shared files are only as safe as everyone keeps them. That’s why two-step verification is available to all Dropbox users, whether they have Basic, Pro, or Business accounts. To us, it’s not an advanced feature; it’s a necessary one, and we encourage everyone to use two-step verification to keep their accounts safe.

With all the personal and work files you store in Dropbox, it’s important to keep it protected. And chances are that goes for your other online accounts. Once you’ve set up two-step verification on your Dropbox, check the other services you use — like email, social networks, and banking sites — and activate it wherever you can. Because when it comes to protecting your accounts, two steps are better than one.

To learn more about how we protect Dropbox for Business accounts, read our security whitepaper.