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How IT is lowering infrastructure costs with Dropbox for Business


Published on March 18, 2015

IT infrastructure is mission critical for most business operations, and if it’s being done right, most people shouldn’t even notice it’s there. Because of that, your business is probably spending good money to make sure nothing breaks. With so much being spent, it’s only natural that many companies are paying close attention to IT expenses. We wanted to learn more about this trend, so we had IDC study the return on investment several Dropbox for Business customers were getting 1. It turns out the customers realized the most cost savings from reducing their spending on some familiar, and often expensive, players:
  • Servers: By moving shared data to Dropbox for Business, many customers were able to avoid investments in new files servers.
  • Storage: Dropbox for Business made scaling storage both easier and less cost-intensive.
  • Shipping: Transferring data to team members working in the field no longer required expensive shipments.
Add in other IT expenses like software and licensing, and surveyed customers realized an average annual IT infrastructure cost savings of $11,600 per 100 Dropbox for Business users.

And that’s just a small fraction of the overall annual benefits. To learn just how much Dropbox for Business is helping customers, read the full study.

1IDC White Paper sponsored by Dropbox, “The Business Value of Dropbox for Business,” Doc #252352, November 2014