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Your IT FAQs answered: On the Air with Dropbox for Business


Published on March 24, 2015

It’s no secret that employees today expect more from the IT solutions they use at work. Tech-savvy workers want tools that are easy to use, accessible anywhere, and collaborative. And in many cases, they're bringing their own apps and devices to work.

For IT admins, this can be a welcome change of pace. User-friendly tools typically mean higher adoption rates, higher returns on investment, and fewer IT hours spent on support and training. But what about security, compliance, and system compatibility? Can IT give users the tools they want without giving up administrative control and enterprise-level security?

That’s the topic of a recent Spiceworks panel featuring Dropbox for Business Product Manager George O’Brien. In the following excerpt of the live Q&A with the Spiceworks community, George speaks to how Dropbox for Business balances IT needs and user love.