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Published on October 06, 2010

Hey everyone,

For most of us, school isn't that fun. In fact, that's why a few members of the Dropbox team never finished. Just kidding!

But I really do understand that this time of year is pretty stressful for those of you in academia, because I've been there. Cram sessions for tests, late nights with problem sets, and some questionable decisions were all par for the course during my college years. There was definitely no shortage of stuff to worry about.

There is one worry that I could've lived without though. As much as I hate sounding like an ad, I genuinely wish I had Dropbox back in college, and for several reasons:

1) I probably lost over 8 pages worth of essays because I suck at saving
2) I've definitely had to drive back home after driving to school because I left a doc on the kitchen counter
3) there was no easy way to share pictures and notes with one another, aside from email (which was lame).

But your school career can be different! You can learn from my mistakes and use Dropbox to make school a bit easier to bear. To help you even more, we're giving all you .edu folks double referral credit, which means 500MB per invite for all free users. This includes people you've already invited too! To learn more, head here.

So chin up and have a great school year. And study hard!