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How IT staff is gaining productivity with Dropbox for Business


Published on February 11, 2015

Do more with less. This challenge has become so popular that many businesses might as well adopt it as a mantra. But sometimes it’s easier said than done, especially for IT staff drowning in support tickets. There is hope, though. More and more, we're seeing IT teams turn to Dropbox for Business for a much needed productivity boost. To get a better understanding of why, we commissioned a report from IDC 1, and they found that it comes down to simplicity. Because it makes recovering data, and sending and receiving large files, so easy for end users, Dropbox for Business is giving IT staff back their time. In doing so, Dropbox for Business reduces the need to support both end users and legacy solutions like on-premises storage, FTP servers, and VPNs. For small businesses, this means less dependence on outside IT consultants, and for larger enterprises it’s bringing IT tangible savings in both time and money. By taking many day-to-day support tasks off their plates, Dropbox for Business is freeing IT staff to work on higher-value strategic projects. It's a classic "everyone's a winner" scenario. End users can resolve issues more quickly, and IT gets to work on more challenging projects. All this without sacrificing the visibility and control that IT needs to protect company data. But what does this newfound productivity translate to in dollars and cents? The report found an average savings of $43,600 per year per 100 Dropbox for Business users over five years in IT staff productivity alone for the customers surveyed. It’s a return on investment any business owner would welcome.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg. Read the full study to find out more about how Dropbox for Business is helping IT teams work more efficiently every day. 1 IDC White Paper sponsored by Dropbox, “The Business Value of Dropbox for Business,” Doc #252352, November 2014