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Happy Thanksgiving!


Published on November 22, 2012

This Thanksgiving, there's a lot I'm personally thankful for -- good friends, healthy family, and obviously the colossal turkey in the oven as we speak. But what about Dropbox? With all the frenzy both inside and outside our walls, there's no shortage of things we’re thankful for.

First off, we're thankful for our first year at our shiny new SF office, and for all the new Dropboxers who’ve joined to help us build the dream ( come join us!)

We're also grateful for our happy developers finding clever new ways to make Dropbox sing. You guys have brought Dropbox to new audiences including our new friends in Spain (hola!) and Italy (ciao!), who we're also super thankful for. Welcome to the family!

Most importantly, we're thankful for (and inspired by) people who are thankful for us. All of us at Dropbox hope your holiday season's fantastic and full of great times with friends and family.

As always, feast hard! …just try not to exceed your quota :).