Doberman and Dropbox for Business

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Doberman unleashes its creativity with help from Dropbox for Business


Published on September 15, 2014

Doberman, one of Sweden’s leading experience design firms, is creative through and through — all the way down to its Lego-based corporate budgets and company-wide brainstorming retreats. The firm helps its customers create innovative products and technology, from mobile apps and web services to touchscreen interfaces. For Doberman to provide world-class digital experiences, it’s critical for the team to stay at the cutting edge of innovation.

Yet for years, Doberman used outdated technologies like on-premises servers to store and share design files, along with USB drives, FTP sites, and even DVDs to share work with clients and partners. As these tools became more and more cumbersome to manage, they realized it was time to be more creative about their file sharing system, too.

Doberman and Dropbox for Business
Doberman and Dropbox for Business

When Doberman’s design team first heard about Dropbox, they immediately wanted to test out its capabilities in file sync and sharing. After giving it a try, it became clear that Dropbox was a great fit for Doberman’s internal workflows and external sharing processes. Even though the company had already upgraded to a several terabyte server, they realized that moving to Dropbox for Business was a more natural fit.

“We found that Dropbox for Business worked better for us,” recalls Klas Thorsén, Director of Design. “Technically, it’s so easy — you just join a folder and the files are there.”

Doberman now uses Dropbox for a range of workflows — from collaborating with freelancers to delivering presentation designs and prototypes to clients. The team can easily send project files using shared folders or links, without requiring additional Dropbox for Business licenses. “It’s great,” says Thorsén. “We can have five people in different roles and different locations working on the same files. It’s a perfect example of why Dropbox for Business serves us so well.”

And with offices in Stockholm, Berlin, and New York, external collaboration isn’t the only concern — the challenges of coordinating design projects internally is key. But with Dropbox for Business, designers can access past and current projects immediately, no matter where in the world they happen to be. “With Dropbox for Business, you can take your computer offline or travel, and you still have your files right with you,” explains Thorsén. “It used to be difficult to work in different time zones, but now all of our files stay synchronized and available to whoever needs them.”

But Doberman teams don’t have to be across the world to benefit from Dropbox — even colleagues on the other side of the office are seeing improved collaboration. Dropbox’s LAN sync feature makes updating and sharing files within the same office network faster. Large design and video files that would previously need to be downloaded from Dropbox servers are now synced from other computers on Doberman’s local network, quickly bringing everyone up to date.

As Thorsén explains, “The LAN sync feature of Dropbox for Business makes it much faster to update files. With Dropbox, there’s no need for every computer to fetch the same file over the Internet.” Now with Dropbox for Business, the Doberman team spends less time worrying about storage limits and email attachments, and more time focusing on what they do best: creating great design experiences for clients all over the world.

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